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These 7 New Gadgets Might Actually Help You Sleep Better

Research conducted by Seniors shows that health is an area that we are embracing with technology, with 85.5% of recipients surveyed saying that technology empowers us to manage our health. With that in mind, we’ve researched the exciting new tech gadgets on the market that have been proven to help make better sleep possible, and therefore improve our overall health too.

Could a simple tool from the latest batch of high-tech sleep aids send you peacefully off to dreamland? Take a look.
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Snooz Generates White Noise So You Can Sleep Better


Random sounds keeping you up at night? There’s a few things you can do, from having a stern talk with your neighbours to taking prescription medication to knock yourself out. In between these options, there’s also white noise. Snooz is a device that generates white noise that masks the ambient sounds in your home, by using a real fan rather than some low quality speaker. A simple dial on top lets you adjust the intensity, which can range from a “light fan sound (think table fan) to a deep fan drone (think airplane cabin) and everything in-between.” White noise works to help you sleep because “it reduces the delta between your baseline sound and containment noise so many disturbances aren’t heard and the others sound much quieter (i.e. the “startle factor” is reduced).”

In a 2008 Consumer Reports analysis, 2,021 survey respondents found sound machines to be more helpful than over-the-counter drugs or supplements like Tylenol PM and Unisom (and almost as effective as prescription medication like Ambien and Lunesta).

Snooz’s design is modern, portable (at 2.5″ tall) and self-contained with room for the power cord within. You can control it with an app on your smartphone, and a “nursery calibration” feature will let you set the upper volume to a level that’s safe for your infant, if you were to place it near his crib.

All in all, Snooz looks like a great product to help you get to sleep, for which you’ll be asked to pledge $59 with shipping in March 2016.


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Meltaonin Spray Gets You To Sleep In A Wink


If you normally have trouble falling asleep, you might have tried many different solutions, from sleeping pills, to alcohol, to melatonin pills. These work to varying degrees, but the Sprayable Sleep product we’re featuring here looks interesting. Developed by Ben Yu and Deven Soni at Stanford University last March along with a team of chemists and designers, Sprayable Sleep is a liquid that you spray on your skin to help you fall asleep. It’s made of Melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep, and is apparently more effective than the oral version of the same. The fact that it’s administered topically means it will avoid it being eliminated by your liver, as well as allow it to enter your bloodstream slowly over a long period of time. Allegedly, this makes it more effective; early reviews have been positive. You not only fall asleep more easily, but your sleep it more restful and you don’t wake up as groggy. It’s $15 for a bottle that lasts about one month, but you have to buy them 3 at a time, so $45.


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Worry Dolls Worry For You So You Don’t Have To

Worry Dolls

The more you worry, the shorter your lifespan gets. Some people are born worriers, and if you happen to be one, then you might find these Worry Dolls helpful. These small woven dolls come packed in a pouch that’s as colorful as their outfits, and you can hold on to several at a time if you’re bogged down with more problems than you can handle.

Legend has it that kids used to make colorful dolls for each of their worries. So the next time you’ve got something heavy weighing on your mind, grab one of these dolls and let it do the worrying for you. It’s all in the mind, and if a miniature doll is what it takes to have peace of mind, then why not?

You won’t have to make your own worry dolls, as you can easily get a bunch of these for five bucks.

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‘Hush’ Noise-Masking Earplugs Will Help You Get Some Shut-eye


For some, sleep doesn’t come so easily. If counting sheep and a glass of warm milk does nothing for you, then you might want to check out Hush. It’s a pair of noise-masking ear plugs that silences external noises and distractions while creating a soothing sleep environment by playing some calming sounds.

Hush works in conjunction with an app on your smartphone. Aside from helping you go to sleep, it also lets you set up an alarm and private notifications. It also has a tracking feature in case you misplace the ear plugs.

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Sensor-laden NeuroOn Mask Can Help You Sleep As Little As 2 Hours A Day


If you’re willing to give up on the idea of getting all your sleep done in one go (called monophasic sleep), then the NeuroOn mask might be able to help you cram more hours into your day by gradually inducing your body into a polyphasic sleep pattern, eventually resulting in as little as two hours of sleep a day (if that’s what you want). It does this by monitoring not just your movement, as less sophisticated sleep trackers do, but also your eye movement, your brain waves, and muscle tension. Through all these sensors it’s able to precisely detect the start of REM sleep, and will wake you up exactly after the last REM stage. Depending on your settings, you can train your body to get its rest through a series of power naps scattered throughout the day.


This method of sleep has been used by many notable names throughout history, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Tesla, Churchill and even Napoleon. No, spending less time sleeping doesn’t mean you’ll be able to conquer Europe, but it does show that at least in these cases the strategy didn’t translate into decreased productivity.

Unfortunately, we missed the news when it was first reported and the Kickstarter through which you could have bought it has now closed. We imagine they’ll be busy manufacturing their first production run, after which the product will become available once more. It was a $250 pledge, so it’ll likely be around the $300 mark once it’s available for everyone.

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GoSleep Pods Let You Get Some Shut-Eye at the Airport


I get incredibly sleepy in between flights and often find myself wishing that I could just curl up in a ball and go to sleep. Experienced this yourself? Then the GoSleep sleeping pods will probably be right up your alley then.

The GoSleep is a cushy flat bed that folds out to provide you with a comfortable mattress to rest your weary bones on. Being gawked at by passing travelers clearly won’t help you drift off to a peaceful sleep, so to address that, the GoSleep comes with a roll-over cover that you can pull down to get some privacy.

Each GoSleep pod can be rented for $13 an hour at the Abu Dhabi Airport. Here’s to hoping that they roll out more of these pods in airports all over the world.

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Remee Mask Can Put Lucid Dreams Within Your Reach

By David Ponce

Lucid dreaming is the bee’s knees, and the Remee mask can help you make it possible. If you don’t know, these terms refers to the ability to become aware that you’re dreaming and to take control of what’s happening. Imagine the possibilities: riding a unicorn into the sunset, or chatting with Eitnstein only to discover he can’t give you any answers because you don’t gain knowledge magically through dreams… Anything is possible. But doing this is extremely hard. There are a bunch of tips and tricks online to help you become aware that you’re in a dream and subsequently controlling it, but they can only take you so far. The Remee mask adds some physical help. It contains an accelerometer and six red LEDs. When the mask has detected, through your movements, that you are in one of the later stages of REM sleep (where dreams often occur), it will flash a pattern repetitively. Inception-style, the lights will then “bleed” into your dream, giving you a visual cue that you are in fact asleep. With a bit of practice, you might learn to recognize these lights and consciously remain asleep and dreaming, all the while taking control of the action.

We’re not sure how well this works, but the principle sounds promising. A lot of people agree as the company has surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal of $35,000 quite handsomely ($86k+ at writing). For $80 you can have your own Remee, which is expected to ship in early July. Buy it now though, as the price will go up to $95 later on and there may be a longer wait as the company works through fulfilling the Kickstarter round of orders.

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