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This Video Shows You What It’s Like to Skydive from the Stratosphere

Felix Skydive

One day, I hope to do what Felix Baumgartner did and live to tell the world about it. If you haven’t heard of him already, then it’s about time you did. Felix is an extreme skydiver who isn’t afraid of great heights. In fact, he’s so fearless that he decided make the jump of his life (while risking his life in the process) a couple of days ago.

He strapped on his parachute, turned his chest camera on, and jumped out of a plane specially-designed capsule suspended from a giant balloon at an altitude of 128,097 feet! Felix broke a number of records in the process: highest manned balloon trip, highest skydive, fastest skydive, and the most people to turn into a live Youtube event. (Eight million people from the world over watched him make the jump.)

In case you missed it, hit the break to watch the video from Felix’s jump and prepare to be amazed.

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