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Ghoulish Illumination: Skull Lamp

Skull Lamp

Rarely will you hear someone say that a skull lights up their world. But if you own one of these Skull lamps, you’ll be able to empathize. They aren’t the most comforting of images to wake up to, but they will give whatever room you decide to place it in that extra edge, decor-wise. You’ll be surprised to find out that the lamp is actually just two-dimensional.

Mitigating the complexity of concept and construction with a minimalist, universally understood form, the BULBING Lamp adds artistry, interest, and the gentle glow of ambient light to any room. Clean gently with the provided micro-fiber cloth.

Designer Nir Chehanowski masterfully laser engraved numerous intricate lines on the flat acrylic sheet, giving the impression of a 3D figure. The lamp retails for $120 from the MOMA store.

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Skull Doorknob: Do You Dare Enter?

Skull Doorknob1

“Do not enter” and “keep out” signs on your door won’t really keep anyone out, especially people who are used to barging into your room without knocking. If you’re looking for something that’ll really stop people in their tracks when they see it on your door, then the Skull Doorknob by Forever Fineness might just be the thing for you.

As the name implies, it’s a doorknob that comes in the shape of a skull. Not just any skull, but a particularly grotesque one at that. The coolest part? The key which comes in the shape of a bone (pretty apt, don’t you think?)Continue Reading

By The Power Of Grayskull, I Relax!

By Jonathan Kimak

An artist from the Netherlands named Joep van Lieshout has created a giant skull dubbed the Sensory Deprivation Skull. The skull allows you to go inside and shut the rest of the world out. No sight and no sound, just you and your thoughts. It’s intended to allow people to relax completely, free of all the stress of the outside world, if only for an hour.

Now, traditional sensory deprivation tanks have salt water at skin temperature so that the sense of touch is removed, but none of them have ever looked as interesting as this skull.

The skull itself is made of fiberglass and is 150 cm tall by 110 cm long and 137 cm wide. The skull is a limited edition item with only 10 units available. Price is unknown.

I think the skull could be a good choice for mass production, it caters to the relaxation crowd and the goth crowd at the same time.

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