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Aftermarket Trucks Add Suspension To Your Skateboards


Putting suspension systems on your skateboards is the kind of feature you never really knew you wanted. It’s not like most skateboarders are ever complaining about how rough their ride is. But now that we’ve come across the Avenue Trucks, we’re left wondering what took so long.

Unlike some other suspension skateboard trucks (such as those made by Seismic), Avenue Trucks don’t incorporate coil-type shock absorbers. Instead, they utilize a simpler leaf spring-like design, where the magnesium main body of the truck is mounted on a folded-over metal baseplate that can flex by up to half an inch (12.7 mm).

The body is able to pivot relative to that plate and unlike traditional trucks, it features a “floating” pivot point that reportedly results in smoother turns and more control.

Considering a very reasonable $45 pledge will net you a pair of these trucks, we think it’s a great idea, assuming of course that it results in a more comfortable ride with no drawbacks. It’ll be interesting to see the feedback from the skateboarding community once these hit the market, which should happen in September, assuming they reach their funding goals.


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It Turns Out That The Wheel, Re-Invented, Is Square


Shark Wheels are a “new” kind of wheel for your skateboards. They’re still sort of round, but they’re made from a complex shape that sort of forms a cube. Kind of. We’re not too clear on the geometry, and clearly there’s still some roundness here or there wouldn’t be much rolling. But the point is that Shark Wheels are supposed to be better than traditional wheels.

It has less surface area touching the ground on hard surfaces, allowing for low rolling resistance. The alternating path can bite into soft terrain, meaning it can roll seamlessly in soft surfaces. The alternating center of gravity allows for superior high-speed stability, eliminating speed-wobble that occurs from the geometry of normal wheels.

When used on hard surfaces, the Shark Wheel produces a low friction profile similar to a high performance, low rolling resistance tire. This allows for less energy to be used as the contact patch is very small.

We’re not entirely convinced we aren’t just looking at regular wheels with wobbly sides and treads, but if this translates into a better ride for anyone, then great. They’re on Kickstarter right now where $50 will get you a set of 4 longboard wheels.

You decide if any of this makes any sense. We’ve included a video after the jump, so feel free to check that out.

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