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BriefSkate is a Skateboard With a Hidden Compartment



Bikes have their baskets and motorcycles have their trunks. But what about skateboards? Most conventional boards don’t have an extra compartment where you can stash some spare cash or other essential stuff, but the BriefSkate does. Its name is a play on briefcase, which is kind of apt because the way the skateboard opens to reveal a hidden compartment is kind of like how a briefcase opens.

The added weight might slow you down so make sure you keep that spare change elsewhere.

The team behind the BriefSkate will be launching a campaign on Kickstarter soon. You can sign up for alerts on their website here.

VIA [ Werd ]


Rockboard Descender Can Take Your Board Off Road

By David Ponce

Traditional skateboards work great on paved surfaces, but take them on grass and it won’t be long before you go flying off. There are several solutions on the market for off-road boarding, some using bigger wheels, suspension, etc. The Rockboard Descender takes a different approach by decking out the underside of the board with “tough-as-nails” treads that let you take it pretty much anywhere. The video below should give you an idea of what to expect. We don’t have much details on its performance, and whether you’ll be giving up some smooth-surface agility in order to gain all-terrain abilities, but for those of you on the lookout for a different kind of thrill, the Descender is expected to go on sale for around $120 in Q2.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

Tony Hawk Ride Gets Ship Date


By Shane McGlaun

I’ve played my share of skateboard games over the years, the most recent of which was Skate It on the Wii. The game was supposed to allow control of the skateboard via the Wii Fit balance board, but that was nearly impossible to do. I hope the new Tony Hawk Ride game has a better controller.

We have mentioned Ride before, the game will ship with a motion sensing skateboard controller that looks like a skateboard minus the wheels and trucks. The first time we will get a glimpse of the game in action is at E3 next month.

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