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D’Oh: LEGO Unveils Simpsons Minifigs

LEGO Simpsons Minifigs

LEGO announced that they were finally making a Simpsons set, with the promise of more minifigs somewhere down the line. Well, that time is here, as they’ve finally unveiled their line of Simpsons minifigs that includes all the characters we’ve grown to love over the years from Matt Groening’s hit show.

The entire Simpsons family will have their own minifigs (of course!), plus Milhouse, Ned, Itchy and Scratchy, Krusty, Apu, and Grandpa, among others. There’s also one of Ralph Wiggum with an “I-Choo-Choo-Choose You” Valentine’s card. Hit the break to get a closer look at the minifigs.

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Finally: The Simpsons LEGO Set Looks Awesome

Simpsons LEGO

D’oh! It’s about time the Simpsons LEGO set became a reality. Fans have been waiting for LEGO to release a set featuring one of the most well-known families on television. It’s been twenty years coming, and the set does not disappoint.

LEGO will be releasing the Simpsons set on February 1st, and it will feature the entire Simpsons family and their freaky diddly-doodly neighbor, Flanders. Bart will have his skateboard and comics, Homer will have his car, Lisa will have her sax, Marge will have her mile-high hair, and Flanders will come with his own barbecue set.

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‘Game of Thrones’ Characters Get Simpsonized

Game of Thrones Simpsons Art

The characters from Game of Thrones have been Simpsonized. The tough, weapon-wielding men and women from George R. R. Martin’s hit series have been transformed into yellow-skinned cartoon figures by Brussels-based artist Adrien Noterdaem, who’s also known as ADN‘. This isn’t the first time Adrien has turned popular figures into Simpsons characters. In fact, he has a number of sets of similar artwork from his ongoing Simpsonized series, which you can check out on his blog.

You can hit the break for Simpsonized version of the rest of the GOT characters. I wonder what Matt Groening thinks about the whole series.

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