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[CES 2009] Simcraft’s SC830 Racing Simulator Will Lighten Your Wallet A Bit

By David Ponce

Got $44k burning a hole in your pocket? Yeah, we bet you do, so that’s why you’ll be one of the first in line for the SC830 from SimCraft. It’s a racing simulator that features three degrees of freedom (roll 40° / pitch 25° / yaw 40°) and “High-fidelity motion actuators and “knuckles” for unsurpassed quick response, and smooth motion curves”. It also seems to come with three LCD screens configured in wraparound fashion, which completely helps to explain the pricetag. If I understood the rep correctly (at first I wasn’t paying attention, having gone to see him to ask him an unrelated stumper), the system will initially work with 18 gaming titles. The website mentions “supported titles” in their documentation, but nowhere can these titles actually be found, so I’m not too sure about this part.

Simcraft’s SC830 Racing Simulator (Image property of OhGizmo!)

Still, the line waiting to try it out seemed eager enough, and the gamers sufficiently rattled. And again, it’s only $44,000. A bargain in this economic climate.

[ Simcraft ]