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ShopThis Lets You Buy Stuff, Straight from the Pages of Digital Magazines


There’s a lot you can do on your tablet these days. For example, with a few taps, you can surf the web, read digital magazines, and do some online shopping. An app that sort of combines the last two activities is ShopThis. It’s being pushed by MasterCard, who’s working with publisher Conde Nast to work on integrating the app with the iPad edition of Wired magazine.

The feature will roll out in the magazine’s November iOS edition, where users will be able to buy whatever is being advertised with a quick tap. The process involves using MasterCard’s MasterPass for mobile payments, which essentially turns your tablet or smartphone into a credit card.

It’s definitely a convenient feature to have, but it’s probably something impulse shoppers don’t need. What do you think?


Paytouch Lets You Buy Stuff Using Your Fingerprints


Paying for stuff just got easier with Paytouch. Of course, it’ll depend on the number of establishments that will choose to roll out the system in their stores, but the premise of the technology is simple: you pay with your touch. Basically, Paytouch links your credit card information with your fingerprint so all you have to do is have the machine scan your fingerprint whenever you want to make a purchase.

It completely eliminates the need to carry cards anymore. Heck, you could even do without carrying a wallet when you go out anymore, since all you’ll need are your fingers (which happen to be conveniently attached to your body).

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Worried Mannequins In Store Windows Are Looking At You? They Could Be

Once the realm of the paranoid, fantasies about being spied upon by the mannequins in store windows has recently turned into a privacy-encroaching reality. The Italian mannequin maker Almax SpA makes a product called EyeSee, which is a mannequin with a camera embedded in one of its eyes. It watches the customers going through the store’s doors, feeds the data to facial-recognition software and analyses their characteristics to better target their service. For example, one store found that many shoppers that came in after 4 pm were Asian, so it assigned Chinese speaking staff at the entrance after that time.

Currently in use in three European countries as well as the US, it is deployed in stores like the Benetton Group, among others. And while the practice of using cameras to analyze customers’ appearances is not new, it was traditionally done from overhead cameras; Almax argues that the eye-level angles provide better data. Clearly the intentions are not nefarious and are aimed at providing a more tailored shopping experience, but the surreptitiousness of it has a few privacy critics alarmed. The question then becomes: should we still have a reasonable expectation of privacy while out shopping?

[ Bloomberg ] VIA [ Engadget ]

It’s Black Friday, Y’all!


By David Ponce

If you’ve awaken from your turkey induced stupor my dear American friend (yeah World, seems this is an American thing), then perhaps you’d like to do some shopping? Should your turkey feast have included inordinate amounts of booze and you’re a little hazy then let me remind you it’s Black Friday! You go out, you’ll face crowds like in that picture, there’s no doubt. Or… you can always buy online. Some of our favorites?

[ Samsung 46" LED TV for $1,600 at BestBuy. $1,000 off! ] Having seen these in person, we’re big fans.

[ Garmin Nuvi 205W 4.3" GPS Navigation with Voice prompts for $99 at NewEgg. $90 off! ]

[ Sony PS3 120 GB Bundle with Infamous and Killzone 2 for $300 at Amazon. $50 off with free shipping ]

There’s really a whole bunch of stuff out there, so below are two links that we’ve found useful for finding these deals.

[ BFads ] and [ ]