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Press Is Press: Reebok Makes Polarizing ATV 19+ Shoes

Ever since Reebok announced their ATV 19+ shoes, pictured above, people with opinions have been broadcasting them quite loudly on both sides of the like/dislike divide. The shoes, equipped with 19 bulbous nodes (or lugs as Reebok calls them) on the sole, are supposed to give you added traction on uneven terrain. We suspect however that the real reason they look this way is to attract your attention. And it works; here we are after all, along with a throng of other press outlets, talking about them. So, whether you love or hate them, Reebok’s in the news, and that’s rarely a bad thing.

Whether or not the unusual outsole pattern translates into real world performance or comfort improvements remains to be seen. They’ll be available as of February 1st, for $140.

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Gost Barefoots Lets You Go Sort-of Barefoot the Medieval Way


Some are stuffy, some are painful to wear, and others look downright atrocious. I’m talking about shoes–and if you haven’t found the pair that’s right for you, then you’re in for a lot more pain down the line. Going barefoot isn’t really an option, either. Can you imagine walking on the pavement on a scorching afternoon? That would be torture.

So why don’t you go semi-barefoot instead with Gost Barefoots’ chainmail foot sleeves? Gost’s managing director Jörg Peitzker explained that the shoes push the belief that man is supposed to interact with nature without being impeded by shoes. What they did was strip away the material and all the frills that modern-day shoes had and replaced them with chainmail.

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So… This Is A Shoe

There really isn’t much to say about this, other than to affirm that it is, indeed, a shoe. It’s architect-turned-shoe-designer Julian Hakes’ creation, the Mojito Shoe. It is the result of his exploring the idea of how a shoe would look if it were to be constructed and thought of as a bridge. “Where do the forces go? How do we introduce new materials and manufacturing techniques?” And so on… The Mojito Shoe was the result, and we have to say it appears to be a fine example of engineering.

It costs £125, or about $200 and comes in a variety of colors. If you’re wondering what it looks like on someone’s foot, hit the jump.

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These Jeans Sandals Boots Are Apparently A Real Product

Where to start?… First off, jeans sandals boots just sounds confused, doesn’t it? But then again, it’s a confused looking product. It really is like an unholy marriage of all those three things, but the end result winds up looking like: 1) a gangbanger’s really, really low pants or 2) an amorous lady in the middle of some hasty action or 3) jeans freaking sandals boots. It really boggles the mind, and yet the attention to detail with which they were made leads one to believe that perhaps there’s a healthy market for these. And healthy it better be because each pair will set you back $125 or $145.

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Why?: Artist Makes Shoes With Backwards Heel

The thing about art these days is that anyone with actual talent tends to get scooped up by the marketplace, and whoever is left is, well… mediocre. Yeah, that’s an intentionally inflammatory statement, as we’re sure there are still some decent artists who believe in their craft and haven’t sold out. But we still stand behind the observation, if only in a rule-of-thumb sort of way rather than a set-in-stone principle. That’s why we’re not surprised to come across things like the above “Scary Beautiful”, a pair of shoes for women which reverses the expected location of the heels and insole. It’s the brainchild of Cape Town-based designer Leanie van der Vyver, and Dutch designer and shoe fabricator René van den Berg. It’s a work of “art”, which we’re sure will be appreciated by those with a more open mind than ours. Like most art, it represents something the artist wanted to express:

“humans are playing God by physically and metaphorically perfecting themselves. beauty is currently at an all time climax,
allowing this project to explore what lies beyond perfection. scary beautiful challenges current beauty ideals by inflicting
an unexpected new beauty standard.”

Artsy non-capitalization of words is of course not our doing. Listen folks, we just come across things and we let you know they exist. We’re not going to go on with our unrequested opinions. Let us just say that if you hit the jump, you’ll get a few more pictures, a weird-ass video of this girl wearing “Scary Beautiful”, and links.

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Apex Predator Shoes Made Of 1,050 Teeth

There’s not a whole bunch of information on the above shoes. They were made in 2010 by artists Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young of fantich&young and each shoe features a sole made from 1,050 denture teeth. No, they’re not actual teeth, thank goodness. We particularly like the gold teeth towards the front. So why, exactly, do they exist? Well, they’re art, right? And the explanation goes something like this:

Apex predators are predators with no predators of their own, residing at the top of their food chain.

We imagine it’s a statement about mankind’s position atop the food chain and how we can metaphorically eat anything below us. Or something like that. Art interpretation was never our strong suit. We can tell you that they are UK size 15 suits, and that there’s a matching suit somewhere called the Apex Predator Suit. And like most art, it’s a one of a kind piece that’s not exactly for sale.

Hit the jump for a few more shots, and links.

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‘There’s No Place Like Home’ GPS Shoes Will Take You Places

GPS Shoes

Some people say they’re willing to go wherever the road will take them, but what if they get lost somewhere along the way? Well, if they have a pair of these There’s No Place Like Home GPS shoes, then they won’t have a problem, because these soles will help any wandering souls find their way, no matter where they want to go.

The GPS shoes are UK-based designer Dominic Wilcox’s newest project, which has been embedded with a GPS system so you can just feed in where you want to go (via a custom mapping program that’s been written especially for these shoes) and the shoes will tell you which direction to go after you click the heels together. (Sound familiar?) The right shoe measures how far (or close) you are to your destination, while the left shoe points you to the direction where you’re supposed to go.

Check out more images of the GPS shoes as well as a video from Wilcox explaining the entire concept.

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