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BrdsNBz is a Texting Service Where Teens Can Ask About the Birds and the Bees

BrdsnBz Website

It’s unfortunate, but not all kids feel comfortable enough with their parents to bring up the birds and the bees when the time to talk about it rolls around. The same goes with some parents trying to initiate the old sex ed talk. Addressing the matter to make sure teens stay safe and informed is BrdsNBz. It’s a texting service that’s geared towards teens and parents that lets them send in sexual health questions. The service promises that the asker will receive a response from a health expert within 24 hours.

The service is being offered by New Mexico and North Carolina. California has a similar program called HookUp 365247, which sends weekly sex ed tips and information on nearby reproductive health clinics to those who signed up.


iCracked Fixes Up Smashed iPhones So They’ll Almost Be Good as New


Dropped your phone? Cracked the screen? Dropped it into a puddle of water? Fret not. The guys at iCracked can help you out. They’re a start-up that promises to fix up your phone, regardless of the shape it’s in. You don’t even have to drive anywhere or ship your phone out to a repair service, because iCracked’s repair technicians will come to you.

Aside from repairing busted-up devices, iCracked now offers a buyback service and are offering protection plans that start at $6 a month. These are options that you might want to check out, especially if you’re a particularly clumsy phone user.

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Pleygo Is A Genius LEGO Rental System


Think of Pleygo as Netflix for LEGO sets. Once signed up, they’ll send you a set for you to complete at your leisure. When you’re done with it, send it back and they’ll ship the next set on your queue. They have three tiers of service, called “Fan (up to 250-piece sets), Super Fan (up to 500-piece sets) and Mega Fan (up to 5,400-piece sets).” The prices are $15, $25 and $39, respectively. Sets are sanitized between uses, so you don’t have to worry about catching some kid’s germies.

Obviously, your opinion on the service will depend on what you normally do with a LEGO set. If you enjoy keeping them, then clearly this isn’t for you. But if you’re the kind of person that enjoys building more than you enjoy owning the product of your efforts, the sign up link is at the bottom. We’re thinking this is US only, but we’re having some trouble confirming that detail. So unless stated otherwise, assume that’s the case.

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Feeling Smug With Google’s 1Gbps Internet? Japan Laughs With Its 2Gbps Service


It’s easy to see Google Fiber’s burgeoning gigabit Internet service as a harbinger of a new era in the US. Certainly, with average speeds of 7.2Mbps, 1Gbps is in a completely different league. But Japan doesn’t waste any time in reminding the world just how much better they have it. Nuro, a service backed by Sony, has announced the availability of 2Gbps Internet down, with 1Gbps up. This would allow you to download pictures of cats in a fraction of time so small there’s likely no word for it.

And how much are the Japanese to pay for this otherworldly service? A price so high only the rich can afford? You know it’s cheap: “Nuro charges ¥4,980 (US$51) a month on a two-year contract, but there’s a steep ¥52,500 (US$535) installation fee that is currently waived for those who apply online.”

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AT&T Will Throttle iPhone Internet Speeds For Heavy Users

By David Ponce

It’s funny that AT&T was just recently voted lowest in consumer satisfaction in a Consumer Reports survey. Well, when it rains it pours because things are probably going to get even peachier now. Word is coming in that if you happen to fall in the top 5% of iPhone data users on an unlimited plan, your download speeds will whittle to a trickle (allegedly 2G speeds) until the next billing cycle. To be clear, if you’re on a non-unlimited plan, then you don’t have to worry about a thing, you still have the privilege of paying for going over your cap.

So how will you know if you’re using your phone too much? You’ll just get an sms like the one pictured. There’s no firm number to stay away from, just pray that you don’t become part of the 5%.

Any of our readers gotten one of these yet?

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