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Taser Pulse, The Company’s Smallest Device, Is For Civilian Use


Police have Tasers, but they’re not the only ones who do. As a matter of fact, the company has just announced the release of their smallest model yet, aimed at the consumer market. The Taser Pulse is the smallest device in their arsenal, measuring “a mere 5.24 inches long by 4.5 inches tall and weighing roughly half a pound.” Don’t let its size fool you, since it does come “with rechargeable batteries, two live Taser cartridges, laser-assisted targeting and a 15-foot range.” It’s small enough to stuff in a smallish handbag or behind your back, and can provide you with some peace of mind if you expect to be walking through a rough patch of town. It’s $399 but won’t ship until late Q1 of this year. You can of course pre-order it, right now. You should also check local laws first to make sure you’re allowed to carry this.


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Tactical Self-Defense Flashlight Comes With Spikes


Flashlights are generally meant to help you find your way in the dark, but when they’re bright enough they can also help you ward off would-be attackers. You’re meant to shine the light straight in their eyes and use their temporary blindness to get away, however some determined miscreants might still rush at you even blinded. That’s when the spikes on the Tactical Flashlight Self Defense Torch would come in handy. It’s not the ultimate in self-protection but a few good spike hits to a soft spot somewhere might give you an edge if it ever comes down to it. It measures 6.8 inches in length and weighs 7 ounces. It’s $17.

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Yoogo Self Defense Keychain


It’s a cliché of so many movies: nervous girl walking back to her car in the dark, clutching her keys in her hands as if she’ll manage to fend of a would-be attacker with them. Maybe that works in the movies but in real life, it wouldn’t hurt to have something like the Yoogo keychain instead. Its special shape lets you securely grab it, while allowing some portions of it to stick out between your fingers. This both protects your hand in case you have to defend yourself, while inflicting a little more damage to your assailant. It’s not quite a brass knuckle, so we think its use is probably legal, but hey… we are not lawyers so make sure to know your local laws before carrying this. It’s $20 and they’ll ship worldwide.


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This Knife Is A Gun


Options. Everything is life is about options, isn’t it? And about the choices you make given the options you have. For example, you have this mean looking blade in your hand. You could use it to stab or cut your aggressor. But you have another option: shoot! It’s not an option you normally have when wielding a blade, which is why it caught our attention. It loads six .22 caliber bullets, and is fired via a special trigger. It’s overkill, sure, but it’s pretty badass.

We don’t know much else about it, other than maybe it’s imported by Arsenal Firearms in Las Vegas and allegedly sells for $2,000. Also something or other about being made for Russian armed forces, but we can’t confirm this as fact. Still, now you know this exists.

Oh, and we would make some kind of joke about bringing a knife to a gun fight if we had any comedic talent.

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Lighter Shaped Pepperspray Will Stay Incognito

By David Ponce

Using pepperspray is not as simple as you’d think. For one, when is the right time to take it out? Is that creepy guy walking behind you really after you, or is he just… walking behind you? Do you want to take your spray out right away and risk looking the fool if he then up and crosses the street? You wouldn’t feel so reluctant to take it out if it didn’t, you know, look like a self-defence tool. That’s why the above could be a good idea. It’s wearing a disguise, looking for all intents and purposes just like a lighter. But don’t go making the mistake of trying to light a cigarette with it.

Here’s where things get a little complicated. For one, it’s… $4. What kind of pepper spray are you buying for that price? And two, there happen to be a bunch of laws governing the purchase, import and ownership of something like this. All of which you’ll have to look into yourself before splurging on that.

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