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OhGizmo Review: Eye-Fi Explore Video


As we’ve mentioned to you before, the Eye-Fi card is really a pretty brilliant idea. Digital cameras are neat little gadgets, but getting all your awesome pics from your camera to the computer and to the internet is still a stone age process that involves plugging cables into things and taking cards out of things and running software and pushing buttons and waiting around. It’s utterly ridiculous. Eye-Fi has the solution to this, with an SD card that includes a WiFi antenna that automatically sends pictures and video that you take directly to the internet and your computer, no cables necessary.

We’ve got a full review of the Eye-Fi Explore Video for you, right after the jump.Continue Reading

Thanko Does The Unthinkable, Manages To Cram Four SD Slots Into A Card Reading Pen

Thanko SD Slot Pen (Image courtesy Akihabara News)
By Andrew Liszewski

With a breakthrough that’s sure to have far-reaching ramifications, Thanko’s latest USB card reading pen includes not one, not two, not three, but four SD card slots! Now I find it kind of odd that I didn’t see this headlined on CNN last night, since it’s been theorized that pen-sized card readers could be built to maybe handle two cards, three at best if certain laws of physics were re-written. But four? Almost unthinkable. Until now that is. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, what a time to be alive…

Brando, the ball’s in your court. I know you’ve got the know-how to make a five SD card slot pen, but have you got the guts?

[ Akihabara News – Thanko’s Latest Four SD Slot Pen ]

USB Cable Includes Integrated SD Card Reader


By Evan Ackerman

From the Brando’s ‘obviously great idea’ department (which they seem to be paying attention to more and more lately) comes this brilliant (albeit slightly flowery) USB cable with an integrated SD/SDHC card reader. It works just like a normal USB cable, except that plugging an SD card into the slot will terminate the USB connection and your computer will start reading the SD card. Whatever you have plugged into the cable will continue charging, though.

At the moment, the SD reader only only works one way on the cable, but it would be pretty neat if you somehow had the option to read the card from the device you had plugged in, or vice versa. Even so, it’s a steal at $12, considering you could easily pay that much for a USB cable or a card reader.

[ Brando ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

Wii Will Soon Be Able To Load Games Directly From SD Cards

By Jonathan Kimak

For those lucky enough to have a Wii here is some good news; It will soon be possible to load WiiWare games directly from an SD card. For those of you who don’t know, currently the downloaded games have to be stored on the small 512MB internal memory of the Wii. Since that doesn’t allow for many games, people have been switching games off the internal storage and onto an SD card in order to load a new game and then switching the game back if they ever want to play it again. The constant switching can be very tedious. With the proposed update all that frustration will be gone and the Wii will have yet another reason to continue its dominance in the console wars.

The Wii will only accept SD cards that are 2GB or smaller so be sure to stock up on a few.

This is still far from happening however, as this feature will not be available until the spring.

VIA [ Engadget ]