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Gibson Memory Cable Will Capture Your Jams For Posterity


Ever been screwing around with a guitar, pumping out some jams for the heck of it, and realize that last couple of licks were genius? But then you have no idea what you did and they’re gone forever? Yeah, never happened to us because we don’t play guitar, but it’s a plausible scenario that makes the Gibson Memory Cable a really interesting product for any serious guitarists out there. It’s integrated directly into the cable, and records everything you play for up to 13 hours, directly to an SD card. Think of it as an audio dashcam. It’ll be available May 15th for an undisclosed sum.

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Covert Spy Coin Completely Conceals Your Micro SD Card

Micro SD Card Covert Spy Coin

You don’t have to be a spy to find some use for this covert spy coin. They’re different from most other concealed storage containers because they really look and feel like the real thing. The reason for that is because they are made from actual currency. They’re hand-machined from existing coins to create the secret interior compartment. There’s only enough space inside to fit a micro SD card or anything else that’s as tiny as these memory cards.

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Elecom Takes A Page From Dr. Mephesto’s Research – Creates An SD Card Reader With Four Slots

Elecom 4 Slot SD Card Reader (Images courtesy Elecom & South Park Studios)
By Andrew Liszewski

Isn’t it cool when the far-off technology you see in movies or on TV eventually becomes a reality? The Xbox 360’s Kinect is making those crazy gestural interfaces seen in Minority Report feasible, and now Elecom is applying some of the science fiction seen on South Park to their USB peripherals. Specifically, Dr. Mephesto’s ground-breaking research into multiple asses.

I mean that’s clearly what inspired Elecom to create this SD card reader that’s capable of holding not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 SD cards, including the SDHC and SDXC varieties, at one time. So users of professional DSLRs that can hold and write to a couple of SD cards at one time don’t have to worry about them fighting over their old card reader’s single slot. It’s yet another one of those devices that’s readily available to buy if you live in Japan, but if you’re anywhere else you’ll need to deal with an importer and their considerable markup, like Geek Stuff 4 U who wants ~$48 (¥3,980) for it.

[ Geek Stuff 4 U – Elecom MR-C27 SD Card Reader ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]

Latest Eye-Fi Cards Offer Endless Memory For Reasonable Price


By Evan Ackerman

The Eye-Fi Pro X2, which debuted at the beginning of this year, offers “endless memory” by deleting pictures off of itself after wirelessly uploading them to your computer and/or online photo storage service using built-in 802.11n WiFi. Not unexpectedly, such a useful feature isn’t cheap, with the 8 gig Eye-Fi Pro X2 costing a staggering $150.

Eye-Fi has just released two more SD cards in the X2 series with the endless memory feature, the Eye-Fi Connect X2 and the Eye-Fi Explore X2. The Connect X2 holds 4 gigs of stuff (not like it matters that much with the endless memory), while the Explore X2 is 8 gigs and includes lifetime geotagging of dubious quality and a year of hotspot WiFi access. The best news is that the Connect X2 is only $50, which is way more than a regular 4 gig SD card but way less than the $150 Pro X2 or even the Explore X2, which costs $100. If you don’t have an Eye-Fi card yet, the Connect X2 is definitely the one to get. If you’re looking for justification to upgrade to the Explore X2, if you travel a lot, Eye-Fi would also like you to know that their WiFi hotspots now include Starbucks and BP gas stations.

Incidentally, at CES Eye-Fi told me that the card’s ability to delete pictures off of itself is a hardware thing, not a software thing, so it’s not something that they can add to older cards with a firmware update or something like that. Sad, but sometimes, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

You can find Eye-Fi cards at Best Buy,, Adorama, and B&H among other places.

[ Eye-Fi ]

zoomIt Adds Storage Expansion To The iPhone


By Evan Ackerman

In a totally obvious move that has only taken years to implement (thanks Apple!), ZoomMediaPlus has released an SD card adapter for the docking port on iPhones and iPod Touches that allows you to transfer content between an SD card and the device. This is a useful accessory for a whole bunch of reasons… Carry it along with your digital camera to be able to view and upload pictures on the fly, for example. Or stuff a bunch of movies onto a big SD card for traveling. Using the zoomIt app, you can transfer files in both directions, which gives you the option of bypassing iTunes’ ludicrously draconian file sharing restrictions.

Personally, I hate iTunes. It’s slow, it’s bloated, and it makes it exceptionally difficult to do even the most basic things. I’d love to use the zoomIt’s accessory to be able to transfer, say, a couple songs onto my iPhone without having to suffer through iTunes. So obviously, the big outstanding is going to be file compatibility. The zoomIt website says that you can “view, listen to, and share all of your photos, music, video and files” which also includes PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and PDF files. If this works as advertised, I’d be more than willing to pay $50 (with a $10 pre-order discount) not to have to rely on iTunes ever again. Available in April.

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New Eye-Fi Cards Get Infinite Memory, Pretty Much

eyefiprox2By Evan Ackerman

I’m not quite sure how they do it, but Eye-Fi manages to keep on cramming feature after useful into their wireless memory cards. This time around, they’re introducing a new tier of card (above Pro), the Pro X2. It costs $150, but at least read about what it does before you scoff at the price… The X2 is an 8 gig SDHC card with a built-in 802.11n antenna. N! N means faster uploads at greater distances, so that’s definitely good. And more storage is good too. But the most useful feature of the X2 is the option to have the card delete pictures after it uploads them, giving you an infinite amount of memory (provided you’re near some source of WiFi) while sharing and backing up your pictures real time. The card won’t delete anything until it’s confirmed that the upload was successful, but hypothetically, you can just stop worrying about whether or not you’re running out of space when taking pictures (or videos).

The X2 also comes with all the rest of the awesome Eye-Fi features, like RAW support, geotagging, ad-hoc WiFi connections, and Wayport WiFi access. Unfortunately, from what I can tell from the press release, the infinite memory option will be available on the new X2 cards only. This is a bit of a disappointment, since previous useful firmware upgrades were made available to all of the cards. But, I guess it’s probably somewhat unrealistic to expect to keep getting free goodies, and for you heavy shooters, the additional SDHC space and the potential for never having to worry about space again may make the X2 a worthwhile upgrade.

Look for the Eye-Fi X2 on Amazon and the Eye-Fi website.

[ Eye-Fi ]

SD Cards To Triple In Speed Next Year


By Chris Scott Barr

If you’re not happy with the transfer rates of your current SD cards, you’ll be happy to know that they are once again getting a speed increase. The new standard, currently bearing the incredibly boring name of ‘Specification Version 4.00’, is set to launch next spring. As of now, the maximum transfer rate is 104Mbyte/s. The 4.00 spec will effectively triple that speed.

The new standard will require extra pins in order to achieve the greater speed. (The above chart is especially descriptive regarding this.) Thankfully the newer cards will still work in older devices, albeit at a slower speed. I’m still waiting to see a 2TB card, which has been the theoretical maximum size since the SDXC standard was announced earlier this year.

[ TechOn ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

Today Only: Eye-Fi Card For $40


By Evan Ackerman

We’re all big fans of Eye-Fi cards, and rightly so: these SD cards include a wireless antenna that automatically sends pictures you take to your computer and to any number of photo sharing sites over your wireless network (read our reviews here and here). Our biggest quibble with the Eye-Fi cards is that they’re really freakin’ expensive compared to other SD cards, but today Sellout.Woot has a 2 gig Eye-Fi Explore for $45 shipped. The Explore version is an upgrade that includes a kinda crappy but still functional geotagging service plus one year of hotspot uploads. Yeah, 2 gigs isn’t that much storage, but remember that the whole point of this thing is that it’s uploading pictures for you, letting you free up space on your card while backing up your pics and the same time. Awesome gadget, good price.

[ Sellout.Woot ]

Eye-Fi Card Update Lets You Selectively Upload Pics From Your Camera, Plus New Pro Version


By Evan Ackerman

When I reviewed the Eye-Fi wireless SD card back in May, one of the quibbles I had with it was that there was no way to decide which pictures you wanted to upload. The card would send ’em all… Good ones, bad ones, naked ones, everything you take just goes. In fact, here’s what I said: “there isn’t any way to designate specific pictures to upload, or not to upload. But of course, there isn’t really a way to integrate that sort of functionality into the card itself.” Yep, I said that. Happily, I’m here to report that I’m an idiot and Eye-Fi is a genius, because they’ve made it happen: you can now selectively upload pictures from your camera.

It’s quite simple, really: using the online manager, you can set up the card to only upload pictures (or videos) that you’ve designated on your camera as locked. That’s it. The rest of the pictures will stay on your card for you to do whatever you like with. On my Nikon D40x, the lock button is right next to my thumb. It’s easy, it works, and as of today it’s available for free for all Eye-Fi cards.

Also released today is a new, uh, level? of Eye-Fi card, the Eye-Fi Pro. It costs $150, and is able to handle RAW files, as well as connect to a computer via an ad-hoc wireless network, i.e. no router necessary. These are certainly nice features, although RAW support at least seems more like a firmware upgrade, and it would be cool if Eye-Fi would push that option out to their other cards, even if it’s for a small fee, so that people who want to be able to upload RAW don’t have to buy a whole new card. I guess I shouldn’t really complain, though, since we’re getting the selective upload update for free.

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