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Healthy Food Sculptures are Pure Win

Food Sculptures

Parents are always telling their kids not to play with their food. But on the off-chance that it can lead to this, I’d let my (future) kids play with their food all they want.

These impressive food sculptures are the work of Romania-based photographer Dan Cretu, who uses a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables to create everyday objects like motorcycles, radios, cassette tapes, and cameras. The slide-out matchbox with matchsticks is my favorite in the series. Due to the organic nature of Dan’s fresh sculptures, each one of them had to be constructed and photographed within a matter of four hours.

Hit the break to check out more sculptures from the series.

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Death by Chocolate: Monstrous ‘Kisses of Death’ Sculptures

Kisses of Death

These sculptures are the stuff of nightmares. Inspired by the popular Hershey’s Kisses that are a staple every Halloween for treats, artist Andrew Bell came up with monstrous sculptures called “Kisses of Death” that look like Hershey’s signature chocolate. The big difference is that Andrew’s kisses have a not-so-pleasant surprise on the inside: sharp, ferocious-looking teeth that look like they’ve already been painfully sunk into something…or someone.

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The Fantastic, Mind-Bending, Anamorphic Art Of Jonty Hurwitz

The South African artist Jonty Hurwitz is having a moment on the Internet. And why not? Have you seen this stuff? Among other things, Jonty creates wonderful sculptures that at first appear like deformed blobs, but when viewed through their reflection on a central metal cylinder, reveal their intended nature. He uses complex 3D modelling software, and spends months conceiving just how to create the perfect illusion, finally assembling copper, steel or even resin in a piece that doesn’t fail to boggle the mind. It’s called Anamorphic Art:

For the anamorphic pieces its an algorithmic thing, distorting the original sculptures in 3D space using 2?r or ?r3 (cubed). Much of it is mathematical, relying on processing power. There is also a lot of hand manipulation to make it all work properly too as spacial transformation have a subtle sweet spot which can only be found by eye. Generally I will 3D scan my subject in a lab and then work the model using Mathematica or a range of 3D software tools. I think the ? factor is really important in these pieces. We all know about this irrational number but the anamorphic pieces really are a distortion of a “normal” sculpture onto an imaginary sphere with its centre at the heart of the cylinder.

We’ve embedded a couple more of Jonty’s pieces after the jump, as well as a couple of videos that do an even better job at communicating the artistry in Jonty’s work. But you should also visit his website where many more pictures await.

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