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Verizon’s Samsung Omnia II To Be First To Sport “Swype” Text Input

By David Ponce

If you’ve never heard of Swype, it’s a company that’s looking to change the way we enter text into mobile devices. So far, you’ve had two options: T9 and iPhone-like qwerty keyboards. Three options, really, if you count Multitap, but who uses that anyway? All these methods involve tapping distinct buttons. Swype however has you moving your finger from one letter to the next, without ever lifting it. This makes for one-handed text input that’s supposed to feel natural and intuitive. The system essentially makes out what you’re trying to say from what looks like a bunch on unintelligible squibbles. Early reviews were positive and now the company has announced that the first Swype-enabled phone to hit the market will be the Omnia II, on Verizon, on December 2nd.

The above video shows a side by side comparison of Swype versus someone typing on the iPhone. Never mind that the iPhone user is obviously challenged and types slower than my grandmother would. What’s interesting is to see Swype in action, and keep in mind that it’s one-handed.

[ Swype ] VIA [ Techcrunch ]

Samsung Unveils Phone Made From Plastic Bottles

Blue Earth

Article courtesy of John Beck, from The Processor.

Have you ever wished your phone was a little more environmentally friendly? I haven’t because I’m a thoughtless oaf, but for tech-savvy eco warriors who have, Samsung has launched the Blue Earth handset.

The touch screen eco-phone is made from material extracted from water bottles, and is free from nastiness like bromine-based flame retardants, PVC and phthalate esters. It also sports a built in solar panel to take advantage of what Samsung helpfully points out, is one of the most eco-friendly energy sources.

The Blue Earth ships with a “unique user interface designed to draw attention to preserving our fragile environment.” Less impressive than it sounds, this basically amounts to the option of switching to energy efficient settings for screen brightness, backlight duration and Bluetooth at the touch of a button. For the environmentally conscious app-addict, there’s even a built in pedometer, which allows users to smugly calculate the number of trees they’ve saved from an untimely death by walking instead of driving.

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About Time: Samsung Unveils Camera With Front Facing LCD


By David Ponce

You see what all the cool kids are doing these days? Getting drunk and taking regrettable pictures of themselves is what. And Samsung just made the task a little easier with the release of the TL225 and TL220, both of which feature a smaller LCD in front for those times you got no one but yourself to hold the cameras. That’s really the only innovative feature here, although the other specs and features are pretty decent too.

For instance, to turn the camera on you simply touch the LCD at the back, and to delete pictures you swipe an X over them during playback (you have to confirm, so no accidents). There a 3.5 inch LCD for the TL225, and 3.0 for the TL 220. Along with that, you’re looking at a 12.2-megapixel resolution, HDMI output and 4.6x optical zoom, though the lower priced TL 220 loses the HDMI output.

Prices are $350 for TL225 and $250 for TL220.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Samsung Announces an Expensive Video Conferencing LCD


By Shane McGlaun

Before the global economy went into the crapper, many businesses held quarterly or more frequent meetings to talk strategy and other items. Many firms flew employees in from all around the country to attend these meetings. With the poor economy today, flying people in has become too expensive and many businesses are going to hd video conferencing instead.

Samsung has announced a new video conferencing LCD called the VC240 that integrates all of the components needed for HD desktop video conferencing into a 24-inch LCD that works as a computer monitor as well.

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Samsung Pixon 12 Camera with a Phone Built-in


By Shane McGlaun

I loathe the camera in my first gen iPhone. I have tried to use it on several occasions and it simply isn’t worth the time it takes to try and use the camera. If you want to take a picture of something that doesn’t move it works most of the time, but try and shoot a pic in a dim room or of something moving and you are out of luck.

Samsung has officially announced its new Pixon 12 camera phone and it sounds like they started with a camera and added the phone as an accessory rather than the other way around. The Pixon 12 has 12-megapixels and a full AMOLED touchscreen. The camera also has a Xenon power LED flash and a wide-angle 28mm lens.Continue Reading

Samsung Gloss Hits US Cellular


By Shane McGlaun

There are tons of phones on the market. Despite the economy the high-end segment of the mobile phone market including smartphones are selling quite well. Sales in the middle of the market are dropping though.

Samsung has announced that US Cellular is getting the new Samsung Gloss handset that looks like something a woman would keep in her purse. The Gloss is a square phone that measures 2.55-inches x 2.94-inches x 0.82-inches and has a 2.2-inch LCD.

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Samsung Touch of Color Photo Frame is Thin and Sexy


By Shane McGlaun

Digital photo frames may seem boring, but anyone who takes lots of digital pictures will find that the gadgets are a great way to do something with all those pictures other than letting them sit on your computer or memory card. The price of digital photo frames are coming down as well making them more affordable.

Samsung has announced a new digital frame that is under an inch thick and sports an 8-inch screen. The screen has a resolution of 800 x 480 and a contrast ratio of 500:1. Despite the small size of the frame, it packs 1GB of memory inside.

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Samsung PC LCDs Get Touch of Color


By Shane McGlaun

Ever wonder why computer monitors are typically black, silver, or beige? No? Well I have wondered why most computer gear is the same color before, I guess no one likes to rock the boat or maybe those colors are cheaper to produce. I’d like to have a nice Ferrari red LCD, but alas I have a silver and black Dell.

Samsung has announced new LCDs for computer users that feature the firm’s Touch of Color design. The monitors have a clear acrylic neck to make them seem to be floating says Samsung. The three models include the P2070, P2370, and P2370HD.

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Samsung Launches Ergonomic SMX-C14 and SMX-C10 Camcorders


By Shane McGlaun

I for one am glad that the majority of consumer video cameras available today have left tapes behind and moved to digital storage formats. That means instead of having boxes of cassette tapes sitting around the house gathering dust I can put all my home movies onto my computer or burn the easily to DVD.

Samsung has announced a pair of new ergonomic camcorders called the SMX-C14 and the SMX-C10. The two camcorders have the Touch of Color design that Samsung pioneered with its TVs. Both of the camcorders utilize Samsungs Active Angle Lens to make shooting video more comfortable.

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