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I Bet You Could Survive World War Z In This Thing

By Jonathan Kimak

I’ve never been much for the tried and true camping, namely the one where you go out and pitch a tent. I like to go camping in style and comfort instead. And if my camping happens to ever be in zombie territory then I’d like this RV from Action Mobil.

The 2008 Globecruiser is 31 feet long, can store 219 gallons of fuel in its two tanks and can hold 154 gallons of water. It also has solar panels to charge up the batteries and power things like the lights.

Of course the main thing standing between you, the Globecruiser and a horde of undead flesh eating monsters is the $670,000 price tag. Well, if video games taught me anything, all you really need is a crowbar.

[ Globecruiser Brochure(PDF) ] VIA [ Born Rich ]