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Rumor Mill: HTC One Mini Might Be Released This August

HTC One Mini

The HTC One is one of the biggest rivals to Samsung’s Galaxy S4, and it looks like both smartphone manufacturers will be facing off once more this summer. Samsung has already announced the Galaxy S4 Mini last month. HTC hasn’t made any official announcements on a mini version of the One, but rumors are rife that a smaller version of their flagship phone is in the works.

Sources claim that the HTC One Mini will be released sometime this August. It will sport a 4.3-inch screen and come with a Qualcomm processor that’ll be less powerful than what the One is equipped with. That’s to be expected, considering that this is the “mini” version of that phone.

HTC will confirm the news in due time, so I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see when or if they do.

VIA [ Electronista ]

OhGizmo! Exclusive – Rumors And Spy Shots Of A Pocket-Friendly Version Of Apple’s New iPad (Adds Camera And Phone Capabilities!)

Pocket iPad? (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m hesitant to post this since the spy shot above was submitted by an anonymous tipster, but it’s too exciting a rumor to pass up. Supposedly the team at Apple responsible for the new iPad has also been working on a compact version of their new tablet that’s not only pocket-friendly, but also adds a digital camera and phone capabilities! It will supposedly work with all of the existing software available in the iTunes App Store, and while it looks like it will lose the ability to add your own wallpaper, our tipster claims it’s pretty much capable of doing everything the new iPad can, and maybe even more!

Now on one hand it’s kind of crazy for Apple to release a new product that’s essentially the exact same thing as one of their existing products, only smaller, but imagine being able to surf the web, check email, watch videos, read ebooks and even play games on a device that’s just a fraction of the size of the iPad! Not surprisingly our tipster had no idea when Apple was planning to release the new device, but since it would probably cut into the iPad’s sales (who wants to carry around a 10-inch device when they can carry this thing?) I can’t see it being revealed anytime soon. But we’ll keep you posted if and when more information becomes available.

The Apple Tablet – Steve’s Best Job?

stevejobs By Gaurav Kheterpal

The red carpet has been rolled out for the most important launch of year 2010 – the Apple Tablet. In a recent statement, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has said “[The Apple Tablet] will be the most important thing I’ve ever done”. Coming from the man behind the iPhone and the iPod, this is a strong message and perhaps a sign of Apple’s heavyweight expectations for its due-to-be-launched-soon Apple Tablet or iSlate (as Internet rumors name it). 

Apple has closely guarded the tablet’s specs and it’s well worth doing that for a product which is slated to be a game changer!

Apple ] VIA [ TechCrunch ]

Leaked Cases Point To A Camera-Equipped iPod Touch

By Chris Scott Barr

Back before the iPhone 3G was released I was content with just an iPod Touch. Sure, the lack of internet access was a bit of a drag when I wasn’t hooked up to a Wi-Fi connection. But what really baffled me was the lack of a camera. It just seems like it would have been so easy to include, since the iPhone has one. Well it’s about time for Apple to refresh the Touch, and it looks like a camera might finally be on the spec list.

Sure, rumors can come from nowhere, but apparently one accessory maker has shown a new iPod Touch case with a hole in the back, exactly where a camera would be. Even more interesting is that another maker has shown an iPod Nano case with a similar camera hole.

[ Uxsight ] VIA [ MacRumors ]

Wintek Rumored To Manufacture Apple Tablet


By Chris Scott Barr

With Apple’s WWDC coming up quick, there are plenty of rumors swirling around the interwebs. I don’t think anyone really doubts that there will be a new iPhone announced, but my favorite rumor is of the Apple Tablet. This is one of those rumors that just won’t die, mostly because so many people are wishing that it would be real. As often as these rumors crop up, I’m actually surprised that Apple has yet to show any real interest in such a product. In case you weren’t sure where all of this was going, there’s a rumor about a new Apple tablet floating around.

This time someone has nailed down Wintek as the supplier for this seemingly imaginary product. Essentially they are supposed to be providing an “e-book form factor netbook product.” The main uses for the touchscreen tablet will be internet browsing, and VoIP, which strikes me as a bit odd. Sure, I’d browse the net on a 10-inch tablet, but don’t you think I’d look a bit silly with that thing up against my head? Yes, a headset would seem the more likely solution, but it still seems like a strange application for an oversized iPod Touch. The rumor pegs the device as launching sometime in 2010, which means that we may or may not hear about this at the WWDC next month (provided that it’s true in the first place).

[ Digitimes ] VIA [ SlashGear ]

Windows 7 Shipping On October 23rd?

By Chris Scott Barr

We know that Microsoft will be offering up the first release candidate of Windows 7 in just a few days. This means that we’re probably only a few short months away from an actual release date, right? Well according to Acer it will be out in just under 6 months.

Acer’s marketing director in the UK pinpointed the release down to the very day it will hit shelves. October 23rd to be exact. I’d take this with a little grain of salt, but the timing does make sense. After all, it was about 5 months between RC1 of Vista and the actual retail date. My advice? I’d start thinking long and hard before going out and buying a new PC when there’s a new OS just around the corner.

VIA [ PocketLint ]

Rumor – Netflix May Stream To PS3 And Wii


This post is syndicated with permission from

One of the things I love about my 360 is that it can stream Netflix movies to my TV. Sure, I have to pay a few bucks a month for my Netflix subscription, and a few more for a gold Live account, but it’s worth the convenience. Plus I’m too lazy to go to the video store, and I pay for a gold account anyway. Unfortunately for those with one of the other current-gen consoles, this service is exclusive to the 360. For now.

A job listing on the Netflix site hints at the possibility of streaming their movies onto other consoles. The position of “Engineering Leader – Gaming Platforms” lists one of the responsibilities as “help build a small technology team to rapidly prototype and iterate on a variety of platforms.” Now unless I’m mistaken, you’d have to have more than one or two platforms to justify the word “variety.” Perhaps we can look forward to streaming movies on the Wii and PS3 sometime in the future.

[ Netflix ] VIA [ GamerFront ]

Rumor – iTunes Premium Tracks To Go For $1.29 Starting April 7th


By Chris Scott Barr

It’s hard to disagree with anyone that says iTunes forever changed the way we buy music. Their simple $.99 per song pricing made it cheaper than ever to buy just the songs you like. It didn’t matter if the song was brand new or three decades old, $.99 was the price. Unfortunately starting next month that will no longer be the case. If you’re looking for a current chart-topper, expect to pay a premium.

According to sources, Apple has begun telling record labels that on April 7 they will introduce the new $1.29 premium price for popular tracks. This has been discussed off and on for some time, but this is the first we’ve heard of a date for the new pricing.

I won’t pretend to know all of the inner-workings of the record industry, but I’m pretty sure their business model is to bend potential customers over a table and attempt to extract cash rectally. I mean, it’s not like we’re going through a recession or anything. Oh well, looks like we’re just going to have to listen to music the old-fashioned way. Speaking of which, I believe we can look forward to a ruling on the big RIAA vs ThePirateBay case just 10 days after this new pricing scheme goes public.

VIA [ GearFuse ]

Spy Shot Supposedly Depicts iPhone Nano

By Luke Anderson

I love my iPhone 3G, but I will admit that it was a pricey investment. There have been rumors flying around about price drops and even a smaller version of the phone for some time now. Well with Macworld coming up next month, the rumors are really heating up. The most interesting thing I’ve seen is this supposed spy shot of a new iPhone Nano.

The picture looks convincing enough, and reminds me of something I’d expect to see projected on a giant screen behind Steve Jobs (even though he won’t actually be giving his usual keynote speech this year). Granted, it does look like they simply scaled-down the image of the iPhone 3G and adjusted the screen to fit. Also, I wonder just how well the current apps would work on a smaller screen. What do you guys think, would you pay a lesser price for a smaller iPhone?

VIA [ GearFuse ]