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KoalaSafe Deals Parents The Trump Card In Internet Control


Parents everywhere rejoice: meet the simple, (mostly) conflict-free gadget that enables you to limit your kids’ internet use without coming off as the bad guy. With the days of a shared family computer long gone, it’s not unusual to have at least one tablet or device per child, and while this can make for a much more peaceful household, it does make it considerably harder to keep an eye on children’s online activity. This is where KoalaSafe comes in. A simple, inoffensive device that plugs into your existing router, it enables you to block specific sites, such as Facebook for example, or simply cut off internet access altogether.

The idea came to Australian developer Steven Pack when his niece and nephew got their first tablet devices and started spending much more time indoors – a story that will no doubt sound familiar to parents everywhere. Rather than adjusting the settings on each individual device, KoalaSafe gives parents centralized control by creating a separate wireless network that can be cut off at any time. It also allows for a certain degree of flexibility, with the option of shutting off specific categories or apps in addition to the adult sites that are blocked by default. Parents can also set up a schedule, limiting internet hours to certain times of day. The best bit? It doesn’t require any spyware or blocking software, making it harder for savvy kids to meddle.

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Google’s Newest Creation: Google OnHub


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Introducing the Google OnHub


One of the most apparent features of the OnHub is its cylindrical design. This is not a typical blocky router, it goes for a sleek matte blue or black cylinder with just a blue status light ring on the top. Google manages to go for the aesthetics without taking away too much functionality from the router.


Remember the days when it was necessary to call IT support to setup your router? To set up Google OnHub, basic phone or tablet knowledge is sufficient. The router pairs up with iOS and Android phones or tablets and starts the configuration process. Just plug the OnHub into your modem, download the OnHub app from your respective app store, follow the setup process, and done. If you know how to download an app on your phone, you are more than capable of setting up the OnHub.

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OhGizmo Review: D-Link DIR-685 Xtreme N Storage Router


By Colin Ackerman

Now that wireless routers are cheap and ubiquitous, there’s one way that a router can separate itself from the rest of the pack: features. The D-Link DIR-685 Xtreme N Storage Router takes this concept to the Xtreme (okay, sorry, no more of that) by including a 3.2″ LCD, room for a hard drive, and a whole bunch more. We’ve got a full review for you, after the jump.Continue Reading

D-Link Adds CAPTCHA Security System To Many Of Its Routers

D-Link DIR-655 (Image courtesy D-Link)
By Andrew Liszewski

The effectiveness of the CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) security system is still being debated. It’s far from bulletproof, but at the least it provides one more stumbling block to someone or something trying to compromise a website’s security. So D-Link has now added an integrated CAPTCHA system to some of its more popular routers including the DIR-615, DIR-625, DIR-628, DIR-655, DIR-825, DIR-855, DIR-685, and DGL-4500. The company is hoping the added level of security will reduce the number of incidents where routers have been used to compromise a home or small office network.

And if you’re currently using any of the aforementioned D-Link routers you’ll actually be able to download and install a firmware update from that adds the CAPTCHA security functionality .

[ D-Link ]

Clearwire Shows Off Spot Personal Hotspot Gadget


by Shane McGlaun

Sprint was the early backer of the WiMAX flavor of 4G mobile Internet access. Sprint and Clearwire operate WiMAX service in a few major cities around the country and are promising to add more cities this year and next.

For the users that are in a city that already has WiMAX Clearwire announced a new accessory today that works in conjunction with one of the WiMAX USB modems. The device is called the CLEAR Spot Personal Hotspot Accessory.

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