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Firefighting Robot: TAF 20

TAF 20

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One of the latest firefighting robots was unveiled on December 10, 2015, in Sydney, Australia, by the Minister for Emergency Services and the Fire and Rescue NSW Commissioner. The amazing high-tech firefighter robot known as TAF 20 can take the heat. 

The Trucked Vehicle TAF 20 is a fire fighting extinguishing turbine that has been mounted on a compact crawler vehicle. The turbine has a nozzle ring which atomizes extinguishing foam and water to form particulate matter that is distributed by a propeller directly on the flames to envelop the burning object and smother the soot and smoke, reducing the emission of fumes.

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Roambotics Jr. Robotic Security Guard Patrols Your Home Autonomously


If you’re fed-up with security systems that remain static in a predictable position, here is a robotic security device that comes with built-in camera and audio sensors and connects with home network or pairs with your Bluetooth-enabled device. Developed by Roambotics, this is robot Jr. – a wheeling robot that can patrol your home or office. It also features an embedded machine learning software, to better understand its environment over a period of time.

The autonomous, wheel-shaped robot Jr., gets 360-degree vision. It rolls around constantly scanning the allotted area to make sure all is well. All data collected by the robot is streamed to the cloud and Roambotics network wirelessly. If it senses something fishy, the robotic security guard will inform you via an app or an email.

Thanks to the machine learning software, Jr. can understand the surroundings over time, and develop a map so it can avoid furniture and obstacles (so, you don’t have to use a remote control to steer it around). Featuring cliff detection, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NVIDIA tegra 4 microcontroller, the self-stabilizing robot has a base station with inductive charging. There’s no word on price or availability, beyond “sometime in 2016”.

Roambotics Jr robot


Robotic Limbs Give You An Extra Pair of Arms

Robotic Arms

Ever wished you had an extra pair of arms so you can do more things simultaneously? Well, that’s what these Supernumerary Robotic Limbs (SRLs) will give you. The SRL is a strap-on robotic pair of arms that you can wear and control to do your bidding. They’re longer and stronger than your regular human arms, so you can use them to reach for something that would normally be out of reach or lift heavy loads that you normally wouldn’t be able to manage.

The SRL comes with a system of gyro and accelerometers that are hooked up to your wrists so it can determine what your arms are doing. The entire system weighs about 10 pounds, so they might find some use eventually in construction sites and other similar environments down the line.Continue Reading

Twitter-Powered Knitbot Knits Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Designated Drivers


Don’t drink or drive, because lives will be on the line. If you’re going on a night out with friends where alcohol is involved, then it’s always best to assign designated drivers beforehand. That way, they’ll drink less than their limits and everyone will get home safe and sound.

As a means to promote designated drivers and reward them, Budweiser UK embarked on a campaign involving Twitter and a knitting robot called Knitbot. The Knitbot is powered by Twitter in the sense that it only knits ugly Christmas jumpers (that’s ugly Christmas sweaters in the US) when someone tweets updates containing the #Jumper4des hashtag.

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AWAD Robo-boots Give You a Boost of Strength


Need help walking? Then strap on the Ankle Walking Assist Device (AWAD for short) and go. It’s a robotic exoskeleton developed by Yaskawa Electric that’s designed to help people who have trouble walking. They’re geared towards the elderly who can’t walk at the pace that they used to, due to their age and all.

The AWAD system comes with two robo-boots and a battery pack that’s mounted around the waist. When the boots detect that its wearer’s heel has hit the ground, it gives a small boost of strength that helps maintain balance and keeps the person moving at a good pace. The system is adjustable based on the level of assistance its wearer needs.

People won’t be able to use AWAD to run like Usain Bolt, but it will help a lot of older folks walk and do their errands at a faster pace. Yaskawa plans to release AWAD into the market by 2015.

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Dude Builds An Adorably Awesome Real-Life Wall-E Robot

Wall-E Robot

Remember Wall-E? That scruffy but cute little bot who starred in his own movie five years ago? Well, now he’s made the ultimate of crossovers from the world of movies into real life. It didn’t involve magic or the involvement of studio giants, though. All it took to make it happen was one dedicated dude and his very good friend.

Mike McCaster and his buddy Mike Senna worked on their real-life Wall-E bot for years. It’s not just some R/C car that was taken apart and put together with a new frame either. They painstakingly crafted each piece for the robot from scratch.

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Air Hockey Playing Robot Is Impossible To Beat


If you thought that all those hours spent at the arcade, perfecting your air hockey-playing skills were worth it because they’d made you unbeatable, know that it was all in vain. A soulless robot created by researchers at Chiba University’s Namiki Lab could prbably hand you your ass in a platter. The system captures your movements and that of the puck at 500fps, and anticipates your shots. This means that pretty much no matter what you do, the robot will have you beat. But this bot goes one level above simply having quicker reflexes than you. To keep you interested and playing (as opposed to giving up in frustration within a minute), it’ll make you believe you could have a chance, stringing you along for a while, learning your moves before mowing you down like last week’s lawn. This robot isn’t only fast, it’s a hustler.

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Drone Waiter Serves UK Diners–Is A Tip Still Required?

Drone Waiter

Do the usual rules of tipping etiquette still apply when you’ve got a drone for a waiter? UK-based Yo Sushi has begun using iPad-controlled quadcopters to deliver meals to diners at the restaurant. The drone waiter, which is aptly called the iTray, is equipped with two high-definition cameras so that the cooking staff can see the reactions of the customers when their food arrives.

You can check out a video of the iTray in action after the break.

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For Wannabe Felines: Robotic Tail Wags or Swings, Depending on Your Mood

Fox Tail

Animals can’t talk, but they have other ways to express themselves. For example, when a dog is excited, he wags his tail. When he’s waiting for you to do something (like walk him), he’ll sit patiently and swing his tail back and forth while looking at you. At least, that’s what my Shih Tzu does when he’s asking for a walk.

Humans don’t have tails because we can communicate perfectly without them, and besides, we don’t really need them. You can buy them and wear them, but you can’t control them… Until now, that is.

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