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OhGizmo! Review – Sony Tablet S

Sony Tablet S (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Since the original iPad was released a few years ago, there have been a steady stream of new tablets coming from Apple’s competitors. Blackberry, Samsung, Motorola and a host of others have all released follow-up products to compete with Apple. But one of the biggest names in consumer electronics, Sony, has only recently unveiled their tablet offerings. And in true Sony fashion, they certainly stand out from the crowd.

The first to hit the market, the Tablet S, went on sale just days ago and Sony is hoping that their somewhat unorthodox design has what it takes to allure consumers away from Apple’s juggernaut. Or at the least, lure Android fans away from other Android-based tablets. We had the chance to spend a couple of weeks with the Tablet S, sans finalized firmware, and walked away with some distinct impressions of the latest tablet to cannonball into a market that’s getting more and more crowded every week. More after the jump.

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NZXT Avatar S Reviewed

By Chris Scott Barr

There are plenty of gaming mice on the market, so how do you choose the one that’s right for you. Maybe you want one that looks good, or perhaps you need a lot of extra buttons for your macros. Unfortunately, if you’re a leftie, your choices become rather limited, due to the design of most mice. Thankfully NZXT knows how much of an issue this can be, and they have released the Avatar S, which can be used with either hand.

The “S” stands for “small”, which may or may not be a good thing. If you’ve got smaller hands, then you’re probably going to love this mouse. If not, you could be facing some serious hand cramps after a couple hours of gaming. If you want the full scoop on this mouse, head over to GamerFront to check out the complete review.

[ NZXT ] via [ GamerFront ]

Seagate GoFlex Slim Tiny Drive Review. Verdict: Thin Is In

Seagate has revised and shrunk its GoFlex portable storage down to a stylish new minimum. Now called Goflex Slim, The svelte drive – based on 7mm thick Momentus Thin 320GB – is barely bigger than a regular 9.5mm 2.5-inch notebook drive. Somehow, they’ve managed to maintain the GoFlex option on this newly miniaturized drive. The GoFlex system allows you to change out the connector to switch between USB 2.0, eSATA, USB 3.0, etc. They’ve also upgraded the software that comes pre-loaded onto the drive from Basic to Premium.

If you already have a GoFlex drive, your connector cables will still be compatible. Older model connectors will work but they might look a little bulky compared to this wafer thin drive. This latest model is about as thick as a #2 pencil and should travel well with or without a laptop adding no more size and weight than your average cell phone. The internal hard drive has been upgraded to 7200-rpm which should provide an appreciable increase in access time performance. Check out the detailed performance stats reviewed at Everything USB.

[ Seagate Goflex Slim 320GB Review @ Everything USB ]

Dead Island Reviewed

By Chris Scott Barr

If you like killing zombies (and who doesn’t?), then you’ve no doubt heard about Dead Island, which hits store shelves today. This game puts you on the tropical paradise of Banoi where you wake up to find zombies at every turn. Your primary goal? To simply stay alive.

With all of the other zombie-themed games on the market, you have to wonder if this one will be worth your hard-earned cash. If you’re still on the fence, you might head over to GamerFront to check out the full review on this beautiful, yet scary game. If you’re looking for the short answer though, the game is worth it. Just remember to pick up a night light when you’re out shopping for the game.

VIA [ GamerFront ]

Thermaltake Frio CPU Cooler Reviewed

By Chris Scott Barr

If you like your PC running nice and cool, then the first thing thing you’re going to want to upgrade is the CPU cooler. Those stock coolers do a modest job at best, and while they’re fine for the average Joe, enthusiasts will want rid of them. There are many aftermarket choices, and Thermaltake added another with their new Frio CPU Cooler.

This cooler is going to work with most current-gen CPUs, so compatibility shouldn’t be an issue. One thing you’ll notice is that it is a big cooler. How big? Well, it has a pair of 120mm case fans on it, if that tells you anything. At $65, is this going to be the perfect cooler for you? Head over to GamerFront for the full scoop.

[ Thermaltake ] VIA [ GamerFront ]

Logitech N600 Touch Lapdesk Reviewed. Verdict: Liberating.

By Paul McCollum

If you’ve ever tried to use your laptop away from a table or desk, chances are you’ve wished for some sort of lapdesk.  Turns out that enough people have struggled with the awkward balancing act and leg burning that there’s now a big lapdesk market. The lapdesk is primarily an insulating slab or air circulation enhancement and Logitech has taken it one step further adding different accessories into the device like speakers, fans and now a touchpad in the Logitech N600 Touch Lapdesk.

The N600 Touch Lapdesk looks similar to the other nondescript lapboard trays except that this one has a slide out tray bearing a 5″ multi-touchpad.  A huge improvement on other models, the N600′s connections to the laptop are wireless.  Sporting a hidden compartment, the tiny Unifying receiver fits almost flush within a USB port.  Sans tether, the Lapdesk has to rely on 4 AA batteries for power. Logitech estimates that these will last 6 months.  To check out how well the Lapdesk lives up to those and other promises, peruse a write up at Everything USB.

[Logitech N600 Touch Lapdesk - Everything USB]

Razer Mamba 4G Gaming Mouse Reviewed. Verdict: A Very Worthy Successor

By Paul McCollum

While the sun may have set on the WoW culture of non-stop, never leave the house obsessed gamers, the love of PC gaming still lives on. Fans of faster games are as competitive as ever and always looking for every edge to get them one more capture or one more kill. Razer thrives of the frenzy of hardcore gamers and produces some of the finest gaming accessories available. Recently they released a new version of their wildly popular Mamba mouse with dual sensors: laser and optical. Again the Mamba mouse has a split personality, it can operate in both wired and wireless modes.

Razer has also included highly customizable software for programming its 7 buttons and even the LED backlight color of the scroll wheel. Adaptive sensitivity and variable acceleration as well as other values can be saved into multiple profiles to accommodate different needs for games or work. Razer threw in more than a few updates to this now classic palm-fitting mouse and retained almost all of the attributes that made it great. To see more details on the upgrades and performance, check out the full review at Everything USB.

[ Everything USB - Razer Mamba 4G Gaming Mouse ]

Super Talent Express RC8 Reviewed – Verdict: SandForce Meets USB 3.0

By Paul McCollum

Super Talent has been picking up the slack in an otherwise quiet flash drive market. Once upon a time, we were handed almost weekly upgrades in both size and speed. Now it is almost exclusively Super Talent that thrills those of us who still seek the fastest and biggest flash drive. And they are lapping the competition yet again by releasing the Super Talent Express RC8 flash drive. Only slightly larger than a common flash drive, the RC8 comes in capacities up to 100 GB. The increased speed and storage gives your portable drive more abilities. You can use it to synchronize libraries of files like music, videos, ISOs and VMDKs. The software options to assist in moving your files from home, school and work are quite mature now and easy to use.

Their fastest drive to date, this slim portable packs the premium desktop class SandForce controller. This controller is the source of power for almost all of the fastest desktop SSD drives. Super Talent has a flotilla of flash drives that far outpace almost every drive on the market. Each of them manages to crank more speed out of mediocre MLC NAND using multi-channel controllers (mini RAID) and buffer memory. The RC8 is an upgraded version of their RAM Cache drive which allows the USB 3.0 bus to offload large chunks of small and large files quickly letting the drive shuttle the data to the MLC compressed or slightly after the fact. This results in greatly improved transfer rates over drives without a middle tier controller helping out. Real world and comparative results have been posted in a review at Everything USB.

[ Everything USB - Super Talent Express RC8 Flash Drive Review ]

OhGizmo! Review – Selk’bag 4G Lite

Selk'bag 4G Lite (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

When you’re packing for an adventure in the great outdoors, particularly one that involves a lot of hiking and carrying, multi-purpose tools are the only way to go. Axes that double as shovels, spoons that double as forks and even diaries that double as toilet paper will make your trek far more enjoyable. And who says that a sleeping bag has to only be a place to sleep? Not the people at Selk’bags, that’s for sure. While their sleeping bags do provide warmth and comfort while you doze all night, their unique design allows them to be enjoyed when you’re awake as well. In fact, wearing one is kind of like never having to get out of bed!

We had the chance to try out their latest model, the Selk’bag 4G Lite, at the cottage last weekend, and you can check out our full review of it after the jump.

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