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Murder on the Orient Express: Movie Review

Hercule Poirot, the world’s most renowned investigator, finds himself aboard the Orient Express just as a notoriously shady businessman with plenty of enemies is murdered. Someone in the train is responsible for this crime, and it’s up to our investigator to bring them to justice.

This 2017 movie is a retelling of the classic 1934 novel, which was most famously made into a star studded 1974 film. This version follows in its footsteps as the cast is lined with stars from Johnny Depp to Daisy Ridley to Josh Gad.

But how did this modern remake of famous crime story hold up? Hit the jump to read my full spoiler-free review.

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Lexus Cars Can’t Be Sporty? Think Again – An OhGizmo! Hands On Experience


A few days ago OhGizmo! was invited to spend some time in the scorching desert of Nevada, in a calm and quaint town known as Las Vegas. Lexus had rolled out their 2014 lineup for us at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, bringing out all the F Sport cars they thought we’d be interested in looking at. Why? Because they wanted us to experience the difference between a regular Lexus vehicle, and one that has received the F Sport treatment. Compare and contrast, you know?

For years Lexus has been known as a luxury brand, one that makes cars that businessmen want to drive, and sensible women love to own. It’s a reliable brand and it’s an elegant brand. It speaks of refinement. But it’s also a brand that rarely shares space with adjectives like “sporty”, “exciting”, “fast”, and “jaw-dropping”. Well, it turns out that the company’s F Sport division has been hard at work, pushing the engineering envelope and developing a sportier, racier dimension to their craft, available to almost every Lexus vehicle in one way or another. Apparently, the elegant and stately cars we’ve known for years are more than capable of showing some teeth, given the right treatment. In this article, we’re going to go over a few of the highlights from our day at the track, to give you an idea of what the F Sport name means in a Lexus vehicle.

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OhGizmo! Review: The WakaWaka Solar Charger

WakaWaka Solar Power Light and Charger

In case of emergency, you will soon realize that two things you’ll definitely need is a source of light and a way to communicate to others (or to the outside world, if you’re trapped or stuck somewhere.) In short, you’ll need a torch and a phone with a charged-up battery. The WakaWaka Solar Charger is both of that, minus the actual phone, as it is actually a solar-powered device charger and flashlight in one.

The WakaWaka is primarily a charger, and it’s a pretty flexible one at that. You can position the device where the sunlight hits the solar panel in full and leave it there for 8 hours to achieve a full charge. If you can’t wait that long, then you can also just plug it in to your computer’s USB port or charge your device via AC–but then, where’s the fun in that?

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Death Wish Coffee: Hands (And Lips) On

Many blogs have been reporting on the Death Wish coffee you see above. Its claim to fame? That it contains twice the amount of caffeine found in regular coffee. The company sent us a bag and we’ve been soaking up the caffeine like stressed out freshmen during finals week. What do we think?

Well, how you feel is a very subjective thing, one especially susceptible to suggestion. So the mere thought that we’re drinking coffee with extra caffeine might be leading us to feel as though there really is more in every cup. But… well, we do think we get an extra kick; it’s like a sugar rush alongside the smooth caffeine soar we typically get. However, it’s not anything that had us shaking, twitching, sweating, or thinking we’d have a heart attack. It just seems to have that extra jolt, one that’s very appreciated on a slow Monday for example.

As for taste, we’d describe it as nutty and robust but not overpowering or burnt. It was tasty and we’d be inclined to have more even if there was no power punch promise. At $20 a bag, it’s also reasonably priced.

Thumbs up.

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Behind The Scenes Of Philips’ Obsession With Sound

By David Ponce

Royal Philips Electronics is Obsessed With Sound. Seriously. I know this because they’ve told me and they’ve shown me and now, six months after this episode started, I finally get it. I get their message. I get what they’re on about. The pieces of the puzzle have fallen in place.

And I like it.

Back in March, I told you’d I’d soon be talking about my trip to Amsterdam to check out the Metropole Orchestra. It took quite a while longer than expected, but here we are. In this article, I’d like you to come with me behind the scenes of a Philips production of a musical piece called I’m No Prototype. In the process you’ll be introduced to an awesome musical visualization technique they developed and you’ll also hear about an ambitious musical talent competition Philips is sponsoring.

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Plants + Technology clears Toxins for Better, Natural Cleaner Air

By Robert French

Air purifiers are often found in homes and offices as people become more concerned with air impurities. Most of them still use a source of energy but designers Mathieu Lehanneur and David Edwards had a more natural idea: why not use nature’s air purifiers to serve the same purpose in your home and office? Plants are best known for their ability to scrub toxins from the air and release pure, fresh oxygen. The Andrea air purifier combines nature and technology into one eco-looking and effective air-scrubbing product.

Andrea uses nearly any household plant you supply and takes advantage of its purifying properties to absorb and neutralize airborne toxins.  The powered fan pushes air over the plant’s leaves and through the roots of the plant and soil to increase the speed of the plant’s filtration process. According to Andrea’s designers, the device removes toxic gases from the air at a rate of over 1000% faster than plants alone without the technology.

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Duke Nukem Forever Reviewed

By Chris Scott Barr

Duke Nukem Forever has been the punching bag of the gaming world for the last decade or so. With roughly 14 years in development, it’s not hard to figure out why. Last week the game actually hit store shelves, which is something many of us thought would never actually happen. But after more than a dozen years of waiting, is the game really worth it?

It’s almost difficult to judge a game that has been in production for as long as this one. The main reason is that with so much hype, and simply knowing that there have been so many years poured into one game that it must be a masterpiece. You’ll have to head over to GamerFront to catch the full review, but if you’re expecting a perfect game, the Duke won’t be delivering. However, if you’re looking to blow up aliens in the most crude and vulgar game that you’ve seen in a long time, well you’re going to be in luck.

VIA [ GamerFront ]

OhGizmo! Review – Stem TimeCommand iPhone/iPad Dock

By Chris Scott Barr

Last time I counted, there were roughly a million iPhone/iPod docks on the market. Okay, so perhaps that’s something of an exaggeration, but sometimes it really does feel like there are that many. With such a variety, how can one be sure to pick out the best for them? Well, Stem has released a new dock called TimeCommand that they think you should consider.

First Look

The TimeCommand is a black cylinder that is almost exactly the width of the iPad. As you guessed, there is a good reason for this. Not only does this dock support your iPods and iPhones, but it has been designed to accommodate the much larger iPad.

On the dock you will find seven buttons. The larges is your snooze button, which also acts as play/pause if you’re listening to tunes. There are also buttons for two alarms, a set of brightness/volume buttons, and my favorite, the light button. When you plug in the TimeCommand, you’ll find that it has an outlet. If you plug a light into the extra outlet, you can control it with the button on the dock. This can be rather handy when used with a bedside lamp. There is also a decent sized digital clock on the face, and a pair of speakers built around the sides of the dock.

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Tritton AX Pro Headset Reviewed

When you’re playing video games, you want to get sucked into the experience. Total immersion is the ultimate goal when you fire up your console or PC and start up your favorite game. There are many factors that go into the experience. Everything from gameplay, graphics, frame rate and audio all play their part in providing a good gaming experience. Naturally, this means that  you want to crank your speakers up so that you can hear every bullet fire and every shell hit the ground. But what if you have to worry about disturbing neighbors, roommates or family members? Naturally, you reach for your favorite headset.

Tritton has released their AX Pro headset, which promises to deliver excellent 5.1 surround sound from not only your PC, but your Xbox 360 and PS3 as well. Unlike most other headsets that use a standard stereo jack for input, Tritton has decided to take advantage of the optical ports found on most PCs and two of the three current-gen consoles. So will their cross-compatibility and true Dolby 5.1 sound stack up to the competition? Check out the full review over at GamerFront to find out.

[ Tritton AX Pro Review @ GamerFront ]