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LG Finds A Way To Clear Out Their Stock Of Old CRT Components – A Designer Retro TV!

LG Retro TV (Images courtesy LG Korea)
By Andrew Liszewski

Hey LG Korea. You might fool the hipsters, but you’re not fooling me. I know that ‘retro’ is just another term for ‘horribly outdated’ so I’m not going to run out and buy this Retro TV you’re hawking. It’s a clever move though. Finding a way to empty your warehouses of antiquated CRT components without resorting to dumping them in a nearby river. And you’ll probably sell quite a few of these too, with their matching old-timey tuner knobs, rabbit ear antennas and settings for full-color, black and white and even sepia effects. But I’ve already claimed the space freed up by switching to LCD TVs and monitors, and I’m not giving it back!

I’ve no idea how much they’re asking for them, but given they’ve only got a 14-inch display I’m assuming not much. And while they’re digital ready, since they’re listed on the LG Korea website they may not actually work here in North America.

[ LG Retro TV ] VIA [ The Fancy ]

Groovy! – LEGO Getting In On The Volkswagen Camper Van Appreciation Too

LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (Image courtesy Captain Eugene)
By Andrew Liszewski

As far as I know it’s not an official anniversary or anything. But recently there’s been a rash of retro Volkswagen Camper Van products. A few months ago you might remember this groovy VW Camper Van tent we brought you. And now it’s apparently LEGO’s turn. In the latest edition of their Collector Guide, Flickr user ‘Captain Eugene’ spotted and scanned this upcoming VW T1 Camper Van set, #10220 for those who keep track. Pricing and availability are currently unknown, and hopefully there’ll be some better, less halftoney pics of it popping up in the near future.

[ Flickr – Captain Eugene – LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van ] VIA [ Hidden Garments ]

WANT! Miniature GBA-Based Space Invaders Arcade Cabinet

Space Invaders Mini Arcade Cabinet (Image courtesy vcoleiro1)
By Andrew Liszewski

A day doesn’t go buy when I don’t find some random gadget, device or contraption that I want. I guess it’s the nature of writing about this stuff for a living. But today’s ‘WANT’ is probably even more intense because it’s something I can’t actually buy anywhere. This impressively detailed miniature Space Invaders arcade cabinet was created by YouTube user ‘vcoleiro1‘ who posted a clip of his creation online. If you’re like me, you’ll be wishing you’d taken up soldering years ago so you could pull off a mod like this yourself.

The 7-inch tall cabinet was built with 6mm MDF, painted and then decorated with official SI arcade machine graphics which were printed on glossy decal paper. The best part of the mod however has to be the tiny joystick and arcade-like buttons which were purchased from and eBay, and wired onto the GBA SP’s mainboard. Providing a more authentic gaming experience than previous mods that just used the GBA’s standard button layout. The back of the cabinet also opens allowing you to easily swap in other game carts, or let’s be honest here, a supercard so you can load it up with thousands of easily accessible titles.

[ YouTube – vcoleiro1 – Worlds smallest Space Invaders arcade machine (maybe) ] VIA [ GameSetWatch ]

Miniature Keychain Lomo Cameras

Miniature Keychain Lomo Cameras (Images courtesy Rakuten)
By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t think the fact that these miniature, keychain-sized Lomography cameras don’t actually work will stop hipsters from quickly snatching up the entire collection. Made from ABS plastic these tiny cameras are about 20% the size of the full scale versions they represent, and the collection includes some of the more popular Lomos like the Lubitel+, the Diana F+, the Fisheye 2 and the LOMO LC-A+. They can be hung from your cellphone, worn as jewelry or even strapped to the real Lomo you carry around all day. (How meta!) And to further sweeten the deal each miniature Lomo comes in a small metal tin that’s roughly the same size as a film canister. Available from Dream In Plastic for just $7 each.

[ Keychain Lomography Cameras ] VIA [ Matomeno ]

Nintendo Game Boy GBA SP Arcade Tabletop

Nintendo Game Boy GBA SP Arcade Tabletop (Images courtesy Toy And Television Games)
By Andrew Liszewski

The good people at Toy and Television Games have just announced their flagship launch product, the Nintendo Game Boy GBA SP Arcade Tabletop, which leaves me with exactly two pressing questions:

1. There’s consumer demand for a GBA SP permanently attached to an Acacia wood and American steel dock that took 300+ hours to design and build and features an arcade joystick and buttons?
2. If consumers have demanded such a product, they’re also willing to pay $399 for it?

Given the auction for serial #001 appears to have been originally posted on June 7, I’m assuming the answer to both of those questions so far is no. Even though the seller excitedly proclaims: “We hope to build hundreds of these over the coming years…”

[ eBay – Nintendo Game Boy GBA SP Arcade Tabletop ] VIA [ ]

iPWN! iPhone 4 Game Boy Case

iPWN! iPhone 4 Game Boy Case (Images courtesy iPWN!)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re looking to give your iPhone 4 the retro Game Boy look there are countless companies selling vinyl stickers that simply adhere to its smooth glass back. But not everyone is so great at applying decals, and even the tiniest of bubbles can wreck the effect. So as an alternative you might want to consider this snap-on iPhone 4 case from iPWN!. At no point do they refer to it as being an homage to Nintendo’s Game Boy, probably to keep their lawyers at bay, but it’s pretty hard to mistake the look they’re going for.

The thin, plastic case is made using IML or ‘in mold labeling’ technology so that the graphics are protected by 3 different layers preventing them from fading or being damaged by moisture. And they’re just $16.99 each, though at the moment you’ll have to settle for a pre-order as apparently the cases are so popular they’re currently on back order.

[ iPWN! iPhone 4 Game Boy Case ] VIA [ Fancy ]

HipstaCase Makes Your iPhone Retro Too

Hipstamatic HipstaCase (Images courtesy Hipstamatic)
By Andrew Liszewski

Your Flickr feed might be chock full of retro-looking snapshots, but I’m afraid you just don’t look the part when you’re out there taking photos with your high-tech looking iPhone 4. So the makers of the Hipstamatic iPhone app have created an official HipstaCase that makes your iPhone look a little more like a retro film camera.

But it’s not just about looks. The case is semi-functional too since it features a hidden slot on the front allowing you to attach an included tripod adapter. There’s even a set of holes on either side of the bottom allowing you to use an included lanyard and keep your phone dangling from your wrist, ready to snap a hipstery photo at a moment’s notice. Available May 5 for $39.95.

[ Hipstamatic HipstaCase ] VIA [ Pocket-lint ]


NES in a Cartridge (Image courtesy Instructables)
By Andrew Liszewski

You can say what you want about cartridge-based consoles, but I’d like to see someone cram an Xbox 360 or a PS3 into a DVD one day. Inspired by Ben Heck’s creations and a modder named Kotomi, Instructables contributor dany32412 used an ‘NES on a chip’ (NOAC) harvested from a Chinese Famicom knockoff to create his own retro homage to 80’s gaming. And what’s an electronic homebrew creation these days without an Arduino mixed in there somewhere, so here one is used to interface the standard NES controllers with the NOAC. It doesn’t look like the easiest mod for a novice, but his Instructable provides enough steps and instructions for an experienced modder to build their own.

[ Instructables – NES in a Cartridge ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

Real-Life Tron Lightcycle Guys Build A Grown-Up Sized Green Machine

Grown-Up Green Machine (Image courtesy Parker Brothers Custom Choppers)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you remember our post about the $55k real-life Tron Lightcycle, then you’re probably already aware that Parker Brothers Custom Choppers have a thing for creating unique rides. Their latest creation is a full-sized version of the classic Green Machine ride-on toy, that forgoes pedal power for an 80-cubic inch Harley-Davidson Evo engine.

Longtime readers might remember a post about the Green Machine way back in 2007 as Huffy created an updated version of the toy, though it was still designed primarily for children. Thankfully the Parker Brothers decided kids shouldn’t have all the fun, so their version of the Green Machine also features in intimidating 45-inch front wheel, rear-wheel steering like the original, and has managed to reach 50mph in their testing. Sadly because of the rear tires their version isn’t DOT approved, so don’t expect to be placing orders for one anytime soon.

[ Wired Autopia – Green Machine Is a Big Wheel for Grownups ] VIA [ Autoblog ]