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Fan-Made Batmobile to be auctioned at Mercedes-Benz World

Homemade 1989 Batmobile auction at Mercedes Benz World

Batmobiles are one of the most liked DIY vehicles and it is no surprise that many geeks venture out on making their own. In the past too we have seen many intuitive Batman fans making their own versions of a high end Batmobile, with some so impressive that it was hard to believe that they were made in backyards or home garage. One Batmobile that caught our eye just because of the amount of work put into its making and the attention to detail in its look, is the one pictured above. It also petrified us, considering that it will be auctioned by Historics for an estimated £90,000 at the Mercedes-Benz World in Brooklands.
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Licensed Portal 2 Turret Up For Purchase

By David Ponce

The above is a 16 inch tall replica of the turrets you find in the game Portal. It looks just like the one in the game and for good reason: it was made using the game’s 3D files for it. Turns out it’s a functional replica too, minus the laser: there’s a motion detector that makes the turret light up when you wave a hand in front of it. And there’s a slightly more expensive version with audio effects, which include “in-game turret activiation, search, auto search, disabled, and tipped over sounds as well as other voice samples.” Whether you get the $300 without sound or the $325 with sound version, they’re both cast in high quality poly-stone and hand-finished and hand-painted. The initial production run understandably sold out pretty quickly, but there’s a waiting list you can get on with a pre-order. No word on when the next batch will be made, though there are talks of the company making replicas of other characters in the game.

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Iron Man FX Arc Reactor – The Perfect Paperweight For The Multi-Billionaire In Your Life


By Chris Scott Barr

When I first saw the Iron Man movie a couple years back, I thought it would be cool to have that original arc reactor sitting on my desk like Tony Stark did. I figured that in no time Marvel would cash in and start selling replicas. Apparently they decided to wait until the second movie was getting ready to come out, as they’ve finally decided to put one on the market.

For $150 you can have your own aluminum and stainless steel replica arc reactor. It’s even got a number of LED’s to give it that wonderful glow, if you’re into that. The full-size prop replica comes in the same plexi-glass case that you saw in the movie, though you can take it out if you wish. Sadly, it will not power your own homemade Iron Man suit.

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