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Krossblade SkyProwler Is One Badass VTOL Drone


Most drones you hear about these days are in the $100 range. They do flips, maybe there’s a low-res camera on there, but it’s not like you’re looking at anything too serious. The Krossblade SkyProwler on the other hand seems to be the bee’s knees. It’s a Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) drone, which means that you don’t need a runway to have it take to the skies, but once airborne it’s able to fly like a legit plane, rather than a heli. It’s able to switch back and forth between the configurations, so you’ll be flying at up to 83mph one minute, filming the countryside or whatever, only to slow down and hover for a bit when the fancy takes you. The powerful motors give it a payload capacity of 500g (a little more than 1lb.), which is enough for some high quality, gimbal-stabilized cameras. Three 5,000mAh cells give it great endurance of 40 minutes in plane mode, and 24 minutes in helicopter mode. The controller features a high-gain 6dB directional antenna for a range of 1.5 miles (2.4km), with an optional video screen so you can see what it sees.

As you can imagine, since this isn’t a toy, it doesn’t cost toy prices. You can get in on the action with a $699 pledge and a July delivery window, but that doesn’t include all the options. When it hits retail a fully decked out SkyProwler will cost $2,199, so now’s the time to get on the list if you want to save a few dollars.

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Deal Of The Day: 14% Off on SmartPlane, A Smartphone-Controlled RC Plane


If you’ve always dreamed of flying a plane one day, then you’ll have a blast with SmartPlane. Granted, you won’t be flying people to their destination (it’s a toy plane, after all!), but you’ll be the pilot of your own plane without fear of injury in case you don’t perfect either your landing or takeoff.

The SmartPlane is smarter than your average remote-controlled plane for a number of reasons. Its fully proportional rudder helps make those turns easier, while the intuitive app and gyroscope tilt controls makes it easier to control the plane with your smartphone.

The SmartPlane is available for $59.99.

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X9 Follow Electric Caddy Replaces Real Person, Frees Your Hands And Shoulders


Golfing alone can be fun and relaxing, but there’s always that heavy bag of clubs to carry around with you from hole to hole. And while caddies are great, maybe you want to remain truly solo. That’s where the X9 Follow comes in. It’s a portable electric device that carries your bag for you, and follows you around wherever you go. You just take it out from your car trunk, connect the battery, pair the remote, attach your bag and go. As long as you have the remote on your body, it’ll follow you around a few paces behind. When you reach your hole, place the remote on the X9 and it’ll stay put. It’s able to go uphill and downhill with no problem, and will even let you remote control it manually.

The X9 is not a new product; robotic caddies have been around for some time. But there are a host of new features that make this one stand out from its predecessors. But as you can imagine, this sort of convenience comes at a price: $3,250! Well… golfing is a rich person’s sport, so we’re not altogether surprised.

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Watch These Two RC Copters Lift A Full Grown Woman Off The Ground


We had no idea that remote controlled helicopters could carry this much payload. Watch the video below as two remote controlled helis easily lift a woman off the floor, and carry her around a few feet. Yes, to be honest, the video is a little painful to watch (especially halfway through), but it’s also impressive. We don’t know much about the company behind the stunt, other than they’re German and appear to assemble these machines themselves. Maybe. Or maybe they make videos of themselves flying these things acrobatically. We’re not sure because the website is a little dense and unclear. But we don’t really care in the end, because all we really wanted to do was to show you the video below.

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Mini Flying TARDIS: Not Bigger On the Inside, But Still Awesome

RC Tardis


Owning this mini flying TARDIS won’t transform you into Doctor Who, but it will make you the coolest Whovian on the block. This flying R/C TARDIS is unlike your regular toy helicopter or quadcopter in terms of appearance, but you’ll be able to fly it with no problem at all if you’ve flown other R/C toys before.

The miniature TARDIS measures 3 inches in height and takes off and lands vertically. Aside from flying it, you’ll also be able to control its spin.

The Doctor Who R/C Flying TARDIS is available online for $49.99.

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Hands-Free Cleaning: Remote Control Mop

RC Mop

Can’t afford a Roomba? Well, here’s an alternative: the Remote Control Mop. You won’t be able to leave it alone and do the cleaning for you, but you will be able to clean your floors without bending over or doing any manual labor. The mop head has a small handle attached to it, though, for easy pick-up and for when you might want to push it manually into hard-to-reach areas.

It comes with a controller that looks like the ones that come with video game consoles. If you’ve ever played games or drove R/C cars, then you probably won’t have any trouble controlling the mop and making it clean the spots that you want it to.

You can check out a video of the mop in action after the break.

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“I Want A Flying Electric Bicycle…” Said No One Ever


And yet here we are, looking at an unwieldy creation from a trio of Czech companies. Featuring two grotesquely huge propellers, the 209lbs remote controlled bike was indeed airborne in front of a group of reporters for all of five minutes. A styrofoam dummy had to be used instead of a human because the rig needs more powerful propellers if it hopes to be able to carry a human payload. We’re not sure what kinds of speeds it reached but seeing as the test was done indoors, we’re guessing not very fast. All of which brings the question of why? On the road this thing would be impractical; it’s too wide and long to be of any use. Not to mention that to land a 4+ wheeled flying vehicle is pretty hard as it is, so imagine on two wheels? No one in their right mind would ever agree to ride one so… Right? No, clearly this is more of a proof of concept than anything that could turn into an actual product. We’re glad the Czech are having fun.

[ AP Article ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

The Toy We Never Knew We Wanted: A QuadCopter RC Car


UK-based product designer Witold Mielniczek has created the above prototype, which is both an off-road remote controlled car, and quadcopter. It’s called: B. As you would expect, the rear-wheel powered vehicle does drive about like a regular off-road RC car, but at the touch of a button can be airborne. Each wheel is “driven not by a center-mounted axle, but instead by cog mechanisms at the bottom of the rim. This leaves the center of the rings clear for four 7-inch propellers, which allow the vehicle to get airborne on the fly (no pun intended).” The wheels are flexible and have special mounts that allow for hard landings without breaking. A full charge of the battery gives you around 15 minutes of flying/driving time. And best of all is the inclusion of a 720p video camera that can record point-of-view footage to a Micro SD card. You totally shouldn’t go spy on your neighbors or anything because that’s probably illegal… We’re just saying that it’s something the B can do.

Of course, you’re going to have to pay for it. It’s doing the Kickstarter dance, and a pledge of $484 will get you a disassembled version with no remote while at $605, you’ll get it fully assembled and with an RC transmitter.

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NanoBlimp Is Allegedly World’s Smallest RC Blimp


This looks like a fun toy. The Nanoblimp is a remote controlled blimp that uses regular party balloons filled with Helium, and to which you attach a set of propellers. There’s three of these, which used in combination allow for upwards/downwards, forwards/backwards and rotation movements. That should be enough to get you anywhere, even if you can’t move sideways. What blimp moves sideways anyway? There’s a set of ballasts that you also attach to the balloon to achieve neutral buoyancy and the remote control frequencies allow for up to 4 such airships in one room. That means battles and mayhem, which is the best way to spend a Friday afternoon in the office.

It’s $50 for one, which includes ten balloons, the propellers, ballast and remote control. The Helium, you have to find yourself.

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