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So Now Even Dogs Get Their Own Remote Control


If the argument over who gets to hold the remote control never ends in your household, maybe you can settle things down by relinquishing control to your dog. That’s right, “a researcher at in animal computer design at University of Central Lancashire collaborated with pet food brand Wagg to create the world’s first television remote just for dogs.” The device features oversized buttons, and is colored blue and yellow to accommodate your canine’s colourblindness. It’ll let your pooch channel surf while you’re away, and settle arguments when you’re not. It’s currently under development, and Wagg plans to pitch it to tech companies once it’s ready. No word on price or availability.

[ The Inquisitr ] VIA [ Technabob ]

Deal Of The Day: X8+ Premier Power Drone

X8+ Premier Power Drone


Drones let you record imagery and capture the world that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to from the ground. A good option to consider when you’re just starting out with drones is the X8+ Premier Power Drone. It’s a powerful, ready-to-fly and Follow-Me compatible drone that you can use for photography, for art projects, and even for delivering small precious cargo.

The X8+ has an expandable platform to carry goods to be delivered or your GoPro. While it can carry up to 1 kg, heavier loads will slow the drone down, so you might want to think twice before loading it up to the max. The X8+  stores flight data so you can generate point clouds for precision surveying and fully-automated flight control makes it easy to fly.

The X8+ is available for $1,300.

[ Get the X8+ Premier Power Drone ]

This RC Car Does 188mph, And No, Not To Scale


The little vehicle you see in the picture has reached the record speed of 188.87mph. It’s called the R/C Bullet and that’s the actual speed it reached, not its scaled equivalent. We don’t have much by way of details though, aside from being able to tell you that it’s made by one Nic Case, who appears to have been in the business of making record-breaking RC cars for some time now. Back in 2008 he had the record for fastest RC car in the world with the Schumacher Mi3, which you can actually purchase, unlike the Bullet.

[ Source ] VIA [ Engadget ]

Tricks Done Right: Flying R/C Quadcopter Ghost with Glowing Eyes

October is the month when pranksters let loose, where almost everyone becomes a victim of their sometimes funny and often scary pranks and practical jokes. Taking things one step further is Alton Porter. He built a flying remote-controlled ghost that has glowing eyes that definitely adds to the scare factor.

Alton’s probably having a few laughs right now as he flies his R/C ghost around for a test run before unleashing it onto unsuspecting trick-or-treaters come October 31st. If you know him personally or live in the same neighborhood, you might want to avoid his house if you don’t want the living daylights scared out of you or your kid…or not, because in hindsight, that’s what makes Halloween fun in the first place.

VIA [ Geekologie ]

Japanese Company To Launch One-Man Electric Helicopter (Updated With Video)

A Japanese company called Hirobo has announced their plans to launch a one-man helicopter that runs on batteries. The counter-rotating flying vehicle can be remote operated or flown by a pilot, and reaches speeds of 62mph for up to 30 minutes. The reason you’d want to be able to remote control it is in cases of rescue operations where you could just fly it up to the person in need, have them hop on, and bring them back to safety. The silent operation of the electric motor would also help locate a person hypothetically crying out for help.

The HX-1 is an ambitious and costly project. $125 million will have been poured into it by the time its 2021 rollout comes about. The reason for the long development time? Mostly regulatory, according to the president of the RC helicopter manufacturer, Kotaro Matsuzaka. But it’s not a simple concept either as a working prototype is slated for testing in early 2013. Should things go as planned, an unmanned version would cost 10,000,000 yen (US$125,000) while the one-seater would fetch three times as much.

VIA [ NewLaunches ]

This RC Car Can Do 100+mph

By David Ponce

The Traxxas X0-1 remote controlled car isn’t a toy. At least, it’s not the kind of toy you’re going to want to give someone very young. This 1/7th scale machine carries two large Lithium-Ion Polymer (LiPo) batteries rated at 5,000 mAh and combined with a capacitor bank and a large, finned, brushless motor, this car is capable of doing 0-60mph in 2.3 seconds. 0-100 in 4.92 seconds. It’s able to do this right out of the box, provided you have an iPhone and download the related application (otherwise you’re limited to 50mph). See, the remote features an iPhone dock, and once paired, you can see live telemetry data right on your device’s screen. You can also tweak a number of settings, from throttle and steering response, to their respective end-points.

The X0-1 is four wheel drive and is 27 inches long, while weighing about 10 lbs with batteries. There’s… just so much going on with this car that it would take too long to list it all here. So check out the link below for more. You should just prepare for sticker shock, as this little baby is $1,100 and will be available on December 30th.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Engadget ]

Who Needs Cats When You Have The Lazer Stunt Chasers?

By David Ponce

Cats chasing a spot of laser light all across your carpet can be a good 5 minutes of fun. Owning a cat when you’re male and single, however, is a sure path to ‘forever alone’ status. Don’t believe us? Ask an eligible bachelorette. Cats’ emasculating abilities aside, it turns out that there’s a cool toy that can give you the same sort of kicks without fear of eternal rejection. Straight out of last summer and brought to your attention today, the Lazer Stunt Chasers are battery powered “RC” cars that follow a beam of light you project on the ground. They work upside down or down side up and are meant to be tossed around in stunts, which you accomplish through ramps and loops. Check out the video below: they’re awesome! And they cost $40.

Of course a ladyfriend might object to a grown man playing around with children’s toys. Should this happen, we suggest you find one who’s a little more geek friendly. Remember kids, geek is good, lone man with a cat… not so much.

[ Lazer Stunt Chasers ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

OhGizmo! Review – Wi-Fli RC Helicopter

Wi-Fli RC Helicopter (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve been watching the evolution of gadgets and gizmos since I was a kid growing up in the ’80s. And as impressed as I am with modern marvels like smartphones, GPS navigation devices, electronic paper, and even laptops as thin as a razor. I’m equally impressed that I can now walk into any toy store and buy an RC helicopter that can be flown around my living room. Particularly since I can remember thumbing through hobby magazines back in the day, gazing in awe at the complicated, large and expensive remote controlled choppers that appeared to be more difficult to fly than the real thing.

That was many moons ago, though. And while you can still buy incredibly expensive RC helicopters that can perform amazing feats of aerial prowess, I’m content to stick with the cheaper, electric variety that have become commonplace in toy stores today. Recently I had the opportunity to check out Interactive Toy Concepts’ (the company behind the flying Duck Hunter game) Wi-Fli RC helicopter, which, as the name implies, is controlled by a smartphone via a wifi connection. I’ve never been a big fan of using virtual controls for gaming on a touchscreen device, so I was skeptical as to how easy it would be to control an actual helicopter in flight. Dying in a game is one thing. Crashing a helicopter into your flat screen TV is another. So check out my full review after the jump to see if using your smartphone as a whirlybird wireless controller is a good idea or not.

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Orobotix Reveals Sphero’s Final Design

Sphero Finalized Shell (Image courtesy Orbotix)
By Andrew Liszewski

We still think it’s one of the best things we saw at CES earlier this year, and today Orbotix officially unveiled what the final prototype of their Sphero remote control ball will look like. And it’s not that far off from what we got to play with at the show. The polycarbonate shell hasn’t changed much, it’s still stark white and slightly opaque, letting the RGB LEDs inside glow through. Though it now sports the Sphero logo on the side. The company also revealed the ball’s charger, which uses induction so you just have to plop it in to top off the battery.

But if you’re still not convinced that a remote control ball could have lots of replay value, I encourage you to check out this video of Orbotix’s developers playing the Sphero Golf game. Like the original personal computer, the real appeal of Sphero will be the accompanying smartphone applications people create for it. And unlike VisiCalc which made the PC a must-have device, so far the apps for the Sphero look far more entertaining.

The Sphero is still on track for a late 2011 release, and will sell for $129.99, including a collection of free downloadable apps. And they’re still taking reservations if, like us, you think it’s a must-have smartphone accessory.

[ Orbotix Sphero ]