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Zera™ Food Recycler Makes Fertilizer Right At Home In 24 Hours

You might have a big pile of compost out in the back yard, and that’s great and all, but it’s 2017, man. It’s time to tech it up! The Zera™ Food Recycler claims to be able to turn one week’s worth of food wasted into usable fertilizer in just 24 hours. Weighing in at a hefty 118lbs, the device sits by your kitchen counter and accepts food scraps as you produce them, keeping smells locked in through HEPA layers and a carbon filter as well as a tight lid. Once a week of scraps is in, toss in a Zera™ Additive Pack, press a button and let the thing run its magic for 24 hours. Blades will chop and churn, while sensors will monitor temperature and humidity. The Additive Pack, made from coir and baking soda, serves as a catalyst and helps ensure that the job gets done in a day.

It’s $999 for the system, while a box of 24 Additive Packs will set you back $50.

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Earrings Made From Fired Bullet Casings


Look, there are a lot of bullets being fired at any given time in America. All these casings have to go somewhere, so we think it’s a great idea that Enreverie has repurposed at least some of them. They’re earrings called Little Black Gun, and feature casings from all kinds of bullets, from Winchester to Smith & Wesson, to which Swarovski crystals have been affixed. The crystals come in different colors, and a pair will set you back only $20. We imagine that aside from adorning your ears, you’re also making some kind of statement when you wear them, but what exactly that is, we’re not sure.


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Eco-Friendly Coffee Cups Can Be Planted After Use


We’re pretty efficient at destroying the planet, so it’s nice to see an ever growing consortium of people doing their damnedest to slow the pace at which we bury ourselves in our own filth. The latest effort we’ve come across involves coffee cups, which Americans throw out at the rate of 146 million a year (and that number seems low, to be honest). The “Reduce. Reuse. Grow.” cups are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and have had tree seeds embedded in them. This means after you’re done drinking your cup of Joe, you can soak them in water for 5 minutes, and then just plant them; the type of tree that grows out is printed on the front. And even if you don’t go through the effort of planting them, the will biodegrade after just 180 days so your conscience can be just a little clearer.

Granted, their effectiveness will be determined by their adoption rate at coffee shops nationwide, but you can help by donating to the project. Although you won’t get any cups until you donate $500 or more (and then you just get a “framed and singed 1st edition cup), you can jump in with as little as $1.

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OrbSys Saves Water By Letting You Shower in the Same Water, Again and Again

OrbSys shower

Water is a finite resource. At the rate things are going, it’s going to run out sooner rather than later. Then what would become of the human race? Working with this line of thinking are the folks behind the OrbSys shower system, which encourages people to conserve and recycle water as they bathe. Of course, the water is purified before it’s meant to be used again because it would just be gross if it weren’t.

OrbSys offers ten-minute showers that only use five liters of water. Normally people use about 150 liters for a typical shower, so that’s reducing water usage by about 96%. This is made possible by the shower’s closed-loop system that purifies the spent water to drinking water level before it comes out of the shower head for it’s succeeding runs.

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Light-Up Arcade Coin-Slot Belt Buckle Begs For Dirty Jokes

“Something about joysticks.” “Insert coin for… ” We could go on with sexual innuendos, but we won’t because we’re all grown up and serious and stuff. But we really think the above Recycled Video Arcade Twenty-Five Cent Coin-Drop Belt Buckle is pretty awesome. It’s made from, well, recycled coin acceptors and does indeed light up. It’s nostalgic, geeky, gaming related, and almost kinky all at the same time. We don’t know how much they are, but they’re made to order by some dude on Etsy, so you have to contact him to find out.

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