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Pure-Bottle is a Glass, Lantern, and Spoon Set In One

Pure Bottle

Sometimes, things are not what they appear to be. For example, the Pure-Bottle might look like a mere bottle at first glance. Its name even suggests that it’s just a bottle, but you’ll notice that a couple of things are off if you take a closer look.

First of all, there are cuts where there shouldn’t be and lines that you normally wouldn’t find on regular bottles. That’s because the Pure-Bottle technically isn’t a bottle anymore. With a few choice cuts and after sanding the separated parts, it is now a spoon, a lantern, and a drinking glass.

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‘I Used To Be a Washing Machine’: Artist Turns Broken Appliances Into Chairs

Washing Machine Chair

Most people just throw out appliances that conked out rather than shell out some cash for repairs because the former seems like the more economical choice compared to the latter. But instead of sending your old appliances to the junk yard, why don’t you let your creative juices take over and turn it into something else that you can still use?

That’s what industrial art designer Antonina did with her project called “I used to be a washing machine.”

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Vinylize Turns Old Records Into Hipster Eyewear


This isn’t the first time vinyl records have been recycled and used to make something awesome. From guitar picks and clocks to coasters and photo frames, it seems like others have thought of everything. Well, almost everything, because Vinylize has thought of one more thing that can be made from old records: hipster eyewear.

The concept came about from the idea of making fashionable eyewear using recycled materials. Before the records are cut, they are first bonded with cellulose acetate to frame it.

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I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas: ecoChici Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap


Every year, hundreds of millions of presents are packaged in giftwrap or presented in exquisite gift bags to the recipients. And each year, the world’s landfills just keep getting fuller and fuller.

While the ecoChici Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap is, by far, not the solution of all solutions to get rid of all this seasonal waste, it presents a fun and quirky alternative. ecoChici was thought up by graphic designer Amy Lewis, and she was able to come up with the reusable fabric gift wrap kits with the help of her husband.

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