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Y-40 Is The World’s Deepest Pool


Located within the 4-star Hotel Terme Millepini in Montegrotto Terme, Italy, is the world’s deepest pool. It’s called Y-40, The Deep Joy. The name refers to the Y-axis (the vertical one), and -40 meters of depth (that’s 131 feet). It’s about 5 meters deeper than the previous world’s deepest pool, the Nemo 33, in Belgium. Containing 4,300 cubic meters (151,853 cu. ft.) of spa water maintained at a constant temperature of 32-34c (around 90F), you don’t need a wet suit to dive down. And on your way to the bottom you’ll encounter four caves for technical underwater training, as well as a viewing tunnel for curious onlookers. We’re not sure about regular admission prices, but a poster on their website advertises 100 dives for 2,000€, which works out to about $25 a dive.


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This RC Car Does 188mph, And No, Not To Scale


The little vehicle you see in the picture has reached the record speed of 188.87mph. It’s called the R/C Bullet and that’s the actual speed it reached, not its scaled equivalent. We don’t have much by way of details though, aside from being able to tell you that it’s made by one Nic Case, who appears to have been in the business of making record-breaking RC cars for some time now. Back in 2008 he had the record for fastest RC car in the world with the Schumacher Mi3, which you can actually purchase, unlike the Bullet.

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Welcome Nightmares: Quadruped Robot Breaks Land Speed Record

By David Ponce

I personally wrote about Boston Dynamics 6 years ago, to the day. They were announcing their work on “Big Dog”, a larger and much, much slower version of the robot we’re talking about today. It’s interesting to see just how much progress there’s been in these years. The above creation is named Cheetah, and it’s funded by DARPA as part of their M3 program (Maximum Mobility And Manipulation). It recently broke the land speed record for legged robotic machines, reaching a peak of 18 mph. The previous record was 13.9 mph and was set in 1989. It’s movement is modelled after those of fast running animals in nature and Boston Dynamics president Marc Raibert claims that in theory, Cheetah could one day achieve the speeds (70 mph) of the animal its named after, though he admits it’ll take quite some time to get there.

In the video, the robot is kept in the centre of the treadmill with a boom like device, but DARPA plans to have it run free later this year. While Cheetah itself may not have any direct real world applications just yet, it’s one more step in the development of something that the military can use in combat. So… 70 mph free running robot on the horizon… Scared yet?

Watch the video above and then try to sleep.

VIA [ CNet ]