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Buffalo Turbocharges USB Hard Drives

By Ian Chiu

USB hard drives are mostly slow and drain too much CPU resources. Yet, they sell like hot cakes as they offer both true portability and universal compatibility. So, what if someone makes a USB hard drive that addresses the two major problems? That would be a great product.

Buffalo wants to do just that with its Turbo USB external hard drive, with special Turbo mode. It claims that the speed in turbocharged mode is around 64% faster than a standard 4200-rpm drive. To shift into high gear, you will need to install a special tweaked driver that basically kicks in whenever it recognizes Buffalo’s drive. According to the reviewer at Everything USB, the improvement was reportedly only 13% better than without Turbo USB. The drive operating under normal mode is actually fairly quick, topping at 34.7MB/s. Taking into account that most USB drives operate at the 25 to 30MB/s range; the Turbo USB is icing on the cake. Also, higher speeds in USB drives are often associated with an increased CPU usage. In the case of the Buffalo, CPU utilization dropped in half from 11% to 5% after Turbo USB.

For full review, hit the link below.

[Buffalo Turbo USB 320GB Drive Review @ Everything USB]

Belkin USB Hub That Fills Your Desk Grommet Hole. Verdict: Ingenious Design!

By Ian Chiu

There’s something besides CPU speed and hard drive space that you will never have enough of, and that’s USB port. So, what do you do to get more of those when your desktop is already heavily cluttered? Belkin has a ingenious idea to slip its USB hubs into your desktop’s grommet holes. The 3″ grommet hub reviewed on Everything USB has 4 raised USB ports with openings on each side for hiding excess cables, and depending on your holes’ size, you may need the 2″ version. One surprising discovery was how well the hub accommodated the larger USB devices. Two devices that the reviewer had problems with in the past fitting into stacked USB ports can now be plugged in with ease. And lastly, since the hub fits snugly in a grommet hole, you won’t have a problem with it flipping or tipping over when multiple cables are connected. Downsides are the lack of activity LEDs and the hassle of drilling your own grommet holes if not present. For full review, hit the link.

[Belkin In-Desk 3" Grommet Hole USB Hub Review @ Everything USB]

OCZ ATV “Turbo” Flash Drive Reviewed. Verdict: Fast & Furious

By Ian Chiu

OCZ is known for their high-tolerance RAM & PSUs targeted at PC enthusiasts. When the company entered the USB flash drive market, it wanted to take their products to the top, rather than competing in the “a dime a dozen” category. Its new ATV Turbo thumbdrive, according to Everything USB, is top notch in almost every area. For speed, it consistently stays between 30 to 31MB/s; for durability, the rubber drive survived sub-zero temperature, in a pot of boiling water and in an oven heated to 200 degrees Farenheit for 10 minutes. OCZ even thoughtfully included a holder chained to the drive that fit snugly with the cap to ensure it doesn’t go anywhere. The reviewers only gripe was the lack of encryption software.

For the full review, hit the link.

[OCZ ATV Turbo 4GB Flash Drive @ Everything USB]