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FingerPrint Bookmark Points To The Exact Spot You Stopped Reading


Oldie but goodie here, the Finger Print bookmark is a simple rubber band with a hand with a pointed finger sticking out sideways. Why? So you can place it right where you left off on the page, and not spend that extra 10 seconds trying to remember. Remembering is hard, kids. Spend $7 for a single rubber band to do it for you. Makes sense.

Yeah, by the way, the price is just for one band, and only one comes in the package, despite images seeming to suggest otherwise.

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Book on Book Acrylic Paperweight



You’re out in the sun, tea in one hand, crumpet in the other, wanting to read a book while sipping and nibbling. The problem is you don’t have enough hands. The Book on Book paperweight is a clear transparent piece of acrylic shaped like an open book. You just place it on your book’s open page, and read. It wont flatten it out and you’ll be able to enjoy crumpet, tea, and book all by your lonesome self. It’s 5880 Yen, or roughly $58.

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Prism Glasses Let You Read While You’re Flat on Your Back

Prism Glasses

So you know how sometimes, you feel like reading or watching TV, but you’re just too tired or too lazy to hold your head upright? No? Well, the people behind these Prism Glasses will probably be disappointed to hear that, because they’ve come up with the perfect (and silliest) solution to your non-woes.

People normally prop themselves up with pillows so they can read or watch some telly when they’re in bed. What people normally don’t do is lie flat on their backs while doing so, because that’s probably going to cause a headache of epic proportions. A contraption that allows them to do that minus the eye strain are the prism glasses I mentioned earlier. Basically, the glasses will redirect your line of sight by ninety degrees downward, so you can do whatever it is you want to do and maintain a ‘normal’ view, even when you’re lying down. The glasses will also make you look like your eyes are popping out of their sockets in a very odd angle.

If you think the prism glasses are actually a good idea (and don’t mind how silly they’ll make you look while you’re wearing them), then hit the jump to check out another picture of it and links to where you can get it.

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