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I Pity The Fool That Doesn’t Buy This A-Team R/C Car!

By Luke Anderson

If you are a big fan of 80’s pop culture, then there’s a chance you’ve already picked yourself up a Knight Rider R/C car. Sure, KITT was an awesome car, but what about that sweet GMC van that the A-Team rode around in?

If you want to add another 80’s icon to your collection of R/C cars, then the A-Team van is probably the way to go. Unfortunately there’s not really anything exciting about this, aside from the looks. It’s an officially licensed product which runs on 4x AA batteries and 1 9v. It’ll set you back around $60. Personally, I’m holding out for a Back to the Future DeLorean R/C car.

[ Firebox ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]

TOSY R-Tyre, The First RC Wheel

By Luke Anderson

As a kid I loved playing with remote controlled cars. I’d always go down the toy isle to check out the latest and greatest ones. I have to say that in all that time, I never once saw an RC tire. Generally there were three others and a body, however, the TOSY R-Tyre skips out on all the extras.

I honestly want to see this thing in action, as I can’t really imagine it working all that well. Then again, I never could master the unicycle, so perhaps it’ll be easier than I’m thinking. I am a bit concerned by the amount of buttons on the remote control. Perhaps they’re making up for the missing car parts by adding in extra buttons. No word on pricing or availability.

[ TOSY ] VIA [ Dvice ]

R/C Stealth Boat Begs To Be Taken Outside And Played With

By Luke Anderson

With summer fast approaching, everyone is looking for a good excuse to get outside and enjoy the weather. Toys that can only be used outdoors are always a good excuse to leave the confines of the house for a bit. If you happen to have access to a large body of water, this R/C Stealth Boat would be a great reason to get out.

While this boat looks like something that would be piloted by a certain caped crusader, it is simply called the R/C Stealth Boat. It also isn’t very stealthy, but that alright, I don’t think anyone really intended to use this for actual spying. What it can do is is reach speeds of around 19 mph and run for around 30 minutes off of a four hour charge. The $88 price doesn’t seem too bad, especially since you’ll be the envy of everyone at the lake.

[ Red5 ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]

R/C Cooler Brings The Beer To You

By Luke Anderson

There’s something about summer that seems to bring out the lazy person in all of us. When it’s beautiful outside, there’s little more that you want to do than sit out and enjoy the weather. Unfortunately it gets warm out there, and you need to keep hydrated with a cool drink or two. Rather than getting up to go get something, or even keeping a cooler sitting next to you, why not get a remote controlled cooler?

This little cooler might not hold the most beer of any other in town, but it’s likely the most convenient. You can have it filled with six cans of your favorite drink, and call it over from 30-feet away with the remote. When it’s empty just send it back inside and have someone refill it for you. If you’re truly lazy, then I’m sure it will be a $70 well spent.

[ Solutions ] VIA [ Crave ]