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Deal Of The Day: 28% Off On Smartphone Controlled SmartPlane


We’re often looking at smartphone-controlled quad-rotor drones. But what about good old planes? The SmartPlane you’re looking at connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and lets you control it intuitively with just a few gestures. There’s some built-in gyro stabilization for a smooth flying experience, which is done at slow speeds anyway to make it easier to use indoors. A soft and durable EPP construction means that even if you do manage to crash it, it won’t break. Proportional rudders insure smooth turns while the battery will last for 8-15 minutes on a 13 minute charge. That’s really very little downtime and for $49, this SmartPlane is a steal. Normally, it’s $70.

[ 28% Off On Smartphone Controlled SmartPlane ]

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane… It’s An RC Plane Dressed Up As Superman

Please forgive that terrible headline, but come on, what else could we have used? It’s not like there are lots of informative things to say about this: it really is just a short video of a guy piloting an RC plane dressed up like Superman. It’s pretty freaking cool, if a little surreal. All we know is that it was recorded “by cyclist Kyle Gough during a recent ride along the U.S. West coast.”

And without further adieu, kindly check out the video, below.

VIA [ DVice ]