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Project Christine Is The PC Gamer’s Dream Concept


The console vs. PC gaming war rages on, and Razer may have recently dealt a pretty serious blow to the console folk. Project Christine from Razer is an eye grabbing concept for a liquid cooled PC that features a bunch of swappable modules. Each component of this gaming rig (RAM, hard drives, graphics card, etc.) can be replaced by another, making the PC easily upgradeable and configurable. Every module features an input and output connection for the mineral oil liquid cooling solution, which not only will help keep the temperatures down but also significantly lower the noise levels. The pump for the oil is housed in the main unit, along with the heat exchangers that do the actual cooling.

The idea behind the project is to remove some of the complexity involved in building your own PC, while at the same time mating an attractive design to a powerful and convenient gaming solution. Project Christine is only a prototype at the moment and there is no firm release date or projected price. But don’t expect anything until at least 2015.


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CES 2014: Razer Nabu Smartwatch is Also a Fitness Tracker

Nabu Smart Fitness Band


There seems to be a huge influx of wearable tech on CES this year. The latest of these is Razer’s Nabu, which is a smartwatch-slash-fitness band that gives you the best of both worlds. As Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan explains, the Nabu is a “cross between a smartwatch and a fitness band,” adding that its “a wearable device focused on helping [people] live smarter.”

The Nabu comes with two displays: one which displays a watch face, and another which displays notifications from your smartphone, such as calls or messages. The latter display also shows fitness stats and wellness-related data, such as the number of steps walked and distance traveled.

Razer’s Nabu is currently available to developers for only $49. No word yet on the official release of the device for consumers.

VIA [ Tweaktown ]

Razer’s Tiamat Headset Packs 10 Drivers

By David Ponce

We’ve talked about Razer a bunch of times over the years. They make gaming accessories that are generally well received. Now they’re coming out with an alleged “world’s first” 10-driver circumaural 7.1 gaming headset (5 drivers per ear). They’re not going the usual route of virtual surround but rather true surround with precise control over each audio channel. There’s a separate controller through which you can customize levels to your liking and a precise, unidirectional noise-cancelling microphone.

Of course when it comes to audio equipment the proof is in the pudding and the Tiamat won’t hit shelves until Q4 of this year for $180. At that price, it better be some really good pudding.

[ Razer’s Tiamat ] VIA [ Techcrunch Gadgets ]

Razer Naga Features A Dozen Extra Keys


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve been a PC gamer for a long time, and while I find that having a few extra buttons on my mouse can be very helpful, more is not always better. After using a wide variety of gaming mice, I’ve discovered that 3-4 extra buttons is about perfect. Any more and it seems like you have to put extra effort into not accidentally hitting them, which makes it less comfortable to use. So needless to say, I’m not exactly getting excited about Razer’s latest mouse, dubbed the Naga.

The Razer Naga features a whopping 12-key grid on the side where your thumb should rest. This means that your thumb will almost always be pressing against these. I’m going to guess that they take a good little bit of pressure to register, but I’m still not comfortable resting my fingers on that many buttons. I also wonder how easy it will be to hit each of them as quickly as you need to. I suppose it’s one of those things that will just have to be tried out to really understand. If you need a dozen extra keys on your mouse, then the Naga will set you back about $80.

[ Razer ] VIA [ Gearlog ]

Razer Announces Megalodon Gaming Headphones

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I am an avid PC gamer and when I play, I always use headphones. I use headphones because they don’t disturb the people in my home and it helps block out the noise in the environment that disturbs my play. Typically, when I play I use a set of Razer Barracuda headphones that provide very good surround sound audio quality.

Razer has introduced what may be my next set of headphones called the Megalodon 7.1 surround sound gaming headset. The headset uses Razer’s new Maelstrom Audio Engine to process positional audio cues 800% faster than comparable virtual surround sound systems according to Razer.

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Belkin Announces n52te SpeedPad Powered by Razer

Belkin n52te SpeedPad (Image via Belkin)
By Shane McGlaun

You can tell the holiday shopping season is coming with the so many gaming peripherals launching this month and next. So far Razer has announced the Lachesis gaming mouse, the Lycosa gaming keyboard, and the Piranha headphones. Belkin is getting in on the action, with a bit of help form Razer, with an update to their popular n52 Nostromo SpeedPad.

After releasing no new products for the gaming market for four years, Belkin is announcing the n52te SpeedPad. The n52te is described as a hybrid keyboard and gamepad that is aimed at FPS, RTS and MMORPG gamers. The device has 15 fully programmable keys and a programmable 8-way thumb pad that features a removable joystick.

The n52te uses Razer Synapse software to program the keys and onboard memory allows play on systems without needing software once programmed. The bottom of the device has non-slip rubber feet and gamers have the ability to toggle between three key map states for more programming options. The Belkin n52te SpeedPad will be available in November for $69.99.

VIA [ Belkin ]

Razer Announces Piranha Headphones for PC and PMP Use

Razer Piranha Headphones (Image via Razer)
By Shane McGlaun

In addition to the Lycosa keyboard Razer announced yesterday it also announced a new gaming headset called the Piranha. The Piranha joins the Razer Barracuda headphones, but the new headset differs greatly from the Barracuda.

The Piranha is not a surround sound headphone, but uses what Razer describes at true-to-life stereo audio with superior clarity and bass. The Piranha has a built-in noise cancelling mic and in-line controls for volume and mic mute.

The Barracuda headphones could be used with the DVI-like input of the Barracuda sound card. Razer makes no mention of this connection option with the Piranha and says it works with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack that should work with DAP devices and CD players. Frequency response for the headphones is 18 – 22,000 Hz with an impedance of 32 ohms. The Piranha headphones will be available in October for $79.99.

VIA [ Razer ]

Razer Announces the Lycosa Gaming Keyboard

Razer Lycosa (Image via Razer)
By Shane McGlaun

Razer announced a new gaming keyboard yesterday called the Lycosa. Presumably Lycosa is some sort of spider since Razer names its keyboards, like the Tarantula, after arachnids. I have a Tarantula keyboard and the biggest complaint I have with it is the lack of backlit keys.

Razer addresses that with the new Lycosa sporting complete backlighting and the ability to backlight the WASD keys alone. The key tops are covered in a non-slip rubber finish. The keys are fully programmable and can have macros bound to them and you can store 10 software profiles to the internal memory.

The memory inside the Lycosa allows you to build your profiles and macros in the familiar Razer Synapse software and then use the keyboard profiles and macros on computers without needing to install software. Razer also uses 1000Hz Ultrapolling in the keyboard, as Razer uses in the upcoming Lachesis mouse. The keyboard also sports a detachable wrist rest, one USB port and earphone-out and mic-in jacks. The Lycosa will be available in November for $79.99.

VIA [ Razer ]

Razer Announces Pro|Click Mobile Launch Date

Razer Pro|Click Mobile (Image via Razer) By Shane McGlaun

We previously wrote a bit about the Razer Pro|Click Mobile mouse. Razer announced today that the mouse would be available for purchase starting in October for $49.99. The mouse will come in red, pink, white, and black.

Razer calls the Pro|Click Mobile mouse the most accurate portable mouse and with 1200 dpi resolution, they are right. The mouse connects to your notebook via Bluetooth 2.0 with adaptive frequency hopping and uses an ambidextrous design.

Power comes from a pair of AA batteries and a travel pouch is included. There is no mention anywhere of the mouse including a USB Bluetooth adapter. If your computer has Bluetooth built-in, you wouldn’t need an adapter though. The white mouse is suitably Mac and will work with OS X 10.3.9 or later as well as Windows.

VIA [ Razer ]