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3D Printed Modular Wine Rack is Ingenious In Its Versatility


We come across a lot of wine racks while sourcing content for OhGizmo! But we’ve rarely seen a product as ingenious as the GustaVino 3D printed modular wine rack. By using some clever hexagonal geometry, the modules are able to accommodate wine collections of varying sizes without leaving many empty spots as your numbers dwindle. The basic three-piece kit can handle between 1 and 4 bottles with just a little reconfiguration, for instance. And as your collection grows, you can simply add more hexagons; the modularity allows you to build out the overall rack in different ways, and let your imagination run wild.

You can purchase the digital file for £19, and print as much rack as you want at home. But if you don’t just happen to own a 3D printer, prices for pre-made modules start at £19 for a 3-piece kit, £39 for a 6-piece, and up to £137 for a 24-piece monster.


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The Ferris Wheel Spice Rack Is Like A Rolodex For Flavour

Cookin up some tasty chili but can’t find that cumin? Simmering a mean pasta sauce but the darn oregano got waylaid? That’s fine, we get it, it’s complicated to keep track of all those spices. We usually got’em stashed in the plastic containers we bought them in, used once and tossed in a drawer afterwards. But if we took the time to organize things a little, we’d definitely get the above Ferris Deluxe Spice Rack. It holds 15 different spices in a convenient Rolodex-like spinning wheel and makes it super easy to get to what you’re looking for. Even better, it comes pre-filled! You can choose either “Spice Market” or “India Spice Market” for a different variety of flavours. There’s no info on price or availability, although those in the UK will get free shipping when it does go on sale. For info on the specific spices included, hit the link at the bottom.

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