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This Car Racing Simulator Costs More Than A Racing Car


You’re looking at the world’s “Most Realistic Racing Simulator”. It looks pretty badass. And it costs $185,000. That’s a lot of dollars. For that amount of dollars you could probably buy a half decent racing car, and you know, actually race it. You could buy a bunch of cheap racing cars and practice crashing those if you’re not very skilled, then still have money left over for an upgrade or two once you get better. But hey, don’t let our practical minds deter you from this piece of tech.

This is the simulator that provides riders with the most realistic car racing experience available. Selected by Ford Motor Company to demonstrate ride experiences, the simulator uses linear servo actuators that cause its suspended, monocoque fiberglass chassis to roll, pitch, and rotate 360° at up to 0.5G acceleration. Faithfully reproducing actual racing conditions such as entering a turn at 200 MPH or moving up a bank in the slipstream of an opponent, the chassis’ front dips when braking at hairpins, pushes forward when accelerating during passes, and rumbles when driving on an apron, all while a driver up to 300 lbs. is secured by an actual racing seat, seatbelt, and “doors”. Its two paddle gear shifters, steering wheel, accelerator, brake, and clutch—all from real race cars and modified for simulator use—provide rapid gear changes and provide adjustable travel for optimal realism. The force-feedback steering system generates 10x the forces of lesser simulators. Providing 12 race cars that include stock, GT, F1, and F3 models, the simulator replicates precisely modeled signage and backgrounds for 16 short, tri-oval, or road courses, ranging from Joesville Speedway to Nuerburg on a 108″-wide, triple HD monitor display with a 500-watt audio system

So yeah, there you have it. The racing simulator to end all racing simulators. It weighs 2,100lbs, and costs, as mentioned, $185,000.


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Get A 360 Degree View From An F1 Car At 200mph+

Red Bull sure has its fingers in a lot of extreme pies, and the latest is the collaboration between its racing arm, Red Bull Racing, and a Norwegian company called Making View. Basically, Red Bull installed one of Making View’s 360 degree cameras (called ViewCam 360) on Sebastien Buemi car, and set him off to record a hot lap at Rudskogen Motorsenter circuit in Norway, at 200 mph-plus (322 km/h+). The system itself weighs only 600g (21 oz) and contains 224GB of storage on board, which it needs to store the massive amounts of data that 50fps footage at a resolution of 4K x 2K creates. The best part though, is that with the use of a special player, you can look around all 360 degrees at will as the video rolls. Yes, we’ve embedded the player in this article, after the break, so you can knock your socks off and try it yourselves: it’s really slick! We suggest fullscreen, high quality, and multiple views.

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