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Edible Deodorant Candy Fights Body Odor From the Inside

Deodorant Candy

It looks like we’ve got a lot of oddly edible stuff in our line-up for today. First up was the edible iPhone 5 case that was more of a snack treat than an actual iPhone case. Next in line are these sugar-free Deo perfume candies that claim to get rid of body odor (or at least mask it with the scent of perfume) if you take the recommended serving for your body weight.

It sounds weird, but that’s what it says on the packaging. So how does it work? It basically contains a rose oil that exudes an aromatic compound called geraniol, which will evaporate through your skin a couple of hours after you take it. Reviews say that the candy doesn’t taste awesome, and putting on deodorant isn’t exactly the hardest thing to do in the world, so I’m a little skeptical about these perfume candies.

But then again, they’re currently sold out online for now, so who knows?

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The Karoto Is Like A Pencil Sharpener, Only For Carrots

They say you eat as much with your eyes as with your mouth. Maybe that’s true, but it’s never stopped us from eating things that looked borderline gross after having been only mildly reassured of their tastefulness by unenthusiastic restaurateurs. We were hungry! But if these guys had bothered to use something like the above Karoto to decorate the plate a little, it might have been enough to make us feel like their stale polenta and shrivelled shrimp were actually gourmet cooking. We… are easy to please.

The Karoto is a pencil-sharpener-looking vegetable peeler and curler. You use it just like you’d use a pencil sharpener, only you stick carrots or cucumbers or any other similarly shaped veggies in it instead. The shavings can then be shaped into flowers and various decorative items. It’s fun, it’s a little quirky and more importantly it’s just $15.

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Sports Car, Distillery, and Hunting Lodge Air Fresheners for the Manliest of Men

Archer Air Fresheners


When you walk down the aisle with all the air fresheners in the supermarket, you’ll see sprays and canisters labeled with all sorts of floral and fruity scents. That’s probably what smells good to most people in general, but they’re definitely not scents that a guy would seek out for his bachelor pad or car.

So to all the men out there who have been searching high and low for the perfect (or more appropriate) air freshener, here’s one line for you that you might like. Archer recently released their own featuring three scents that will appeal to most men and a small minority of women: European Sports Car, Distillery, and Hunting Lodge.

European Sports Car
worn leather, excessive horse power, and a hint of aftershave. Bold, handsome, and perhaps a little overconfident at 140 MPH

charred oak, sour mash, and enough bourbon to kill an elephant. warm and inviting, but what isn’t at 80 proof?

Hunting Lodge
hearth stone, gun powder and damp timber. It smells just like it did 120 years ago, because it hasn’t changed in 120 years. Other than the flatscreen and microwave

They’re available online for $14 each.

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Ions Lights Are Smart Way To Poke Around A PC Chassis

By David Ponce

Holding a flashlight in your mouth while you tug on some dusty cables inside a 5 year old PC case is not… elegant. A better way would be to use the Ions: magnetically-attached, pivoting LED lights that you can simply stick on to part of the metal chassis. You turn them on by twisting a grip dial, and point them where you need them. They’d be made out of Aluminum and plastic and would measure 20mm (height) x 12mm (diameter).

We’re using the conditional tense now because we’re not certain these will ever see light of day (you couldn’t tell those were CG renders in the pictures?). They’re a project on Quirky, and have tentatively been priced at $6 for a 3-pack. But there’s no clear sign the company actually plans to make these, unlike some of their other projects. We think they’re great, so here’s hoping they get the green light.

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Here’s A GingerDEAD Cookie Cutter

By David Ponce

One side is your traditional cookie cutter. The reverse is embossed and stamps out the gingerbread man’s skeleton. Bake them cookies and fill with icing and you have yourself a treat that would be perfect all year round, but much more so at Halloween.

It’s not even $7.

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