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Millenium Falcon DIY Drone


What happens when you combine two of the hottest geek hot-button topics in one? A viral sensation, is what. And that’s exactly what’s happening with Redditor Olivier-FR’s Millennium Falcon project. He combined a quadcopter with an aluminum and carbon frame to create a badass flying machine. Better yet, he detailed his build step by step so that any enterprising Star Wars fan can attempt to build his own. And to top all this off, Olivier-FR has also hinted that his next project will be a TIE Fighter. Considering the amount of interest this project is garnering, we expect to see him motivated enough to follow through on that second flyer.


[ Build Details ] VIA [ WalYou ]

Quadcopters Are In, Here’s A Cheap One


We’re not exactly sure at which point quadcopters went mainstream, but Amazon’s announcement last Thanksgiving that they’d one day be using them to deliver your packages pretty much cemented their fame. If you want your own, you don’t have to spend a lot of money these days. Granted, the above $42 Top Race® 3D Tumbling Ladybug won’t be able to carry any payload, but it still does everything a quad rotor drone should do, including flips. And it looks like a ladybug. It’s controlled through a regular remote control and not a smart device, but that shouldn’t take anything away from it. It’s quite small, measuring 3 in. by 2 in., but it can allegedly fly just fine indoors or outdoors.

[ Product Page ]

The Toy We Never Knew We Wanted: A QuadCopter RC Car


UK-based product designer Witold Mielniczek has created the above prototype, which is both an off-road remote controlled car, and quadcopter. It’s called: B. As you would expect, the rear-wheel powered vehicle does drive about like a regular off-road RC car, but at the touch of a button can be airborne. Each wheel is “driven not by a center-mounted axle, but instead by cog mechanisms at the bottom of the rim. This leaves the center of the rings clear for four 7-inch propellers, which allow the vehicle to get airborne on the fly (no pun intended).” The wheels are flexible and have special mounts that allow for hard landings without breaking. A full charge of the battery gives you around 15 minutes of flying/driving time. And best of all is the inclusion of a 720p video camera that can record point-of-view footage to a Micro SD card. You totally shouldn’t go spy on your neighbors or anything because that’s probably illegal… We’re just saying that it’s something the B can do.

Of course, you’re going to have to pay for it. It’s doing the Kickstarter dance, and a pledge of $484 will get you a disassembled version with no remote while at $605, you’ll get it fully assembled and with an RC transmitter.

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