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The Future Of Wireless Charging

By David Ponce

[ Energizer sponsored OhGizmo! to attend CES 2012. Opinions are my own. -Ed. ]

A fundamental shift in the way we recharge our mobile devices is underway and most of us aren’t really aware of it. But over the last few years, wireless charging technology has been making huge strides and it’s now reaching the point where it might become ubiquitous. Here’s what you need to know.

Much like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are standard transmission protocols that allow connected devices from any manufacturers who use the technology to communicate with one another, there is now a new transmission protocol for wireless inductive charging called Qi (pronounced “chee”) which allows consumers to conveniently power smartphones and other devices today and in the future, regardless of manufacturer. It’s being curated by the Wireless Power Consortium, a conglomerate of more than100 companies of which Energizer was one of the early members.

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