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You Will Love This: Puppytext Lets You Type in Puppy-Style

Puppytext Site

What’s not to like about puppies? They’re cute, they’re adorable, and most of all, they’re incredibly cuddly. You could probably even manage to cheer up even the moodiest of grouches by showing him an image or two of puppies in all their fuzzy splendor.

It really doesn’t come as much of a surprise, then, that puppies now have their own font. I’m not talking about paw prints or caricatures of puppies packed into a Wingdings font. Rather, I’m talking about Puppytext, which features photographs of a litter of puppies positioned into various letters and characters for your typing pleasure. It’s not an actual font file in the strict sense of the word, since you can get your fill of puppy-filled text by heading over to the Puppytext website or getting its iPhone app which is priced at $1.29.

Go on, try it out. I know you want to.

VIA [ Geekologie ]

Orapup Promises to Get Rid of Your Dog’s Doggy Breath


Love your pets like you love your kids? Then you’ll probably want to hear all about the Orapup, which is a doggy tongue cleaner that promises to combat bad doggy breath by getting rid of it, right at the source.

Most people brush their teeth and scrape their tongues every day, but some of them still end up with pretty nasty breath. So you can’t really blame your canine pals for having less-than-stellar breath since they can’t brush and all. While there are a ton of doggy toothbrushes available, there’s only one pet tongue cleaner that I’ve heard of so far–and that’s the Orapup.

If you’ve ever tried brushing your dog’s teeth, then you know it could end up being quite the chore, especially since you have to hold them down and make them stay still while you brush. The cool thing about the Orapup is that you don’t need to hold them down, because it’s been designed to clean your pooch’s tongue in the easiest way possible: by having them lick it.

Hit the jump to check out a video featuring the Orapup, as well as links on how you can get one for yourself!

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