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Give You Pumpkins A Little Extra Bite With Fake Fangs

If you’re worried that your pumpkin looks a little more goofy than intended now you can turn up the spook factor with razor sharp vampire-like teeth. They’re little pieces of plastic that, as you’d expect, and can be embedded into your pumpkin to make it look much scarier. They come with large, medium and small teeth, but mark my words, the smallest pumpkins with giant fangs will be the most nightmare-inducing.

They’re available on Etsy for $7 for 3 sets of teeth. But what do you do once Halloweens over, I guess you could always stick some teeth into your fruit bowl and have the orange look like it’s eating the banana, that’s pretty scary.

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Halloween Gaming: Now You Can Play Tetris on a Pumpkin with Pumpktris


Oh, the things people come up with in the name of fun. Tetris was probably the most overplayed game on my old NES Famicom, so to see it resurrected and playable on an actual pumpkin is, well, kind of awesome.

But this is no ordinary pumpkin. Dubbed by its makers as the ‘Pumpktris’, this pumpkin has been embedded with over 128 LEDS and a board on the inside, which is basically the ‘brains’ of the game. The pumpkin’s stem serves as the joystick which lets you control where you want your Tetris pieces to be positioned. It’s good fun and definitely adds a spooky theme to a classic game.

Too bad it’s game over for good care of Mother Nature in a couple of days (or weeks, tops.) Hit the break for a video of some Pumpktris being played.

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Learn Some Basic Circuitry Skills And Create Some Halloween Fun

By Jonathan Kimak

Every so often there comes around a neat little DIY project that can be both fun and educational. If you don’t know much about circuitry, this halloween project might be the thing that finally moves you from gadget user to gadget maker.

The project is to create a light-sensitive jack-o-lantern that turns itself off during the day and comes alive during the night with two glowing LED eyes. All you need is a phototransistor, several transistors and resistors, LEDs and some AA batteries(plus holder). The detailed list can be found at the Evil Mad Scientists website.

Of course, placing something you just made into a goopy mess of a pumpkin might not be too appealing to you. But you can always buy a fake pumpkin from a craft store so that you only have to do this once but get years of use out of it.

[ Evil Mad Scientist ] VIA [ DVICE ]