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Common Replies From Programmers When Their Code Doesn’t Work


Programmers in the audience… how true is this?

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Robots Teach Young Children How To Code


With a future increasingly overlaid in all things digital, it makes sense to raise an ever enlarging number of kids to become programmers; we’re going to need them, after all. And while learning the specifics of a coding language is better done after a certain age, getting acquainted with the concepts underlying programming can be done somewhat sooner. Play-i’s Bo and Yana robots are being introduced for just this purpose. It gives children as young as 5 the opportunity to control them by selecting a series of visual presets that trigger particular behaviours. By doing so, they get acquainted with the “if/then nature of programming”, and rub elbows with concepts that will become central to their potential later careers. Bo is the three-wheeled bot on the right, while Yana is the stationary one on the left. Obviously, their abilities will be limited by their physical attributes so the robot that does more things costs a bit more. Right now a pledge of $149 for Bo and $49 for Yana will get you in the game, although full funding needs to be achieved first and that’s not done yet. Hit the links below to get your chance to move that along a bit.

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Old Computer Equipment Belts Out Fun’s ‘We Are Young’

Now and then we come across orchestras made up of old computer equipment, hacked together and programmed to perform some song or other. Last time we covered one, it was just over a year ago and featured aging electronics playing The Animal’s ‘House Of The Rising Sun’. Well, the same guys who made that one are back at it, this time with Fun’s ‘We Are Young’. It’s good, or at least as good as a song performed by hard drives, oscilloscopes, and printers can be. Full breakdown of the players is as follows:

HP Scanjet 3C – Vocals
Yamaha CX-5 – Piano
BWD-504 Oscilloscope to display CX-5 audio output
Harddrives – Drums
The Harddirives are controlled with a PIC16F84A microcontroller

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Microsoft Research’s TouchStudio Lets Windows Phone 7 Users Program Directly On Their Phone

TouchStudio (Images courtesy Microsoft Research)
By Andrew Liszewski

Harkening back to the good old days of the first personal computers when young’ns like yours truly would spend 3 hours entering endless lines of code just to spit out a fancy serif letter ‘S’ on his dot-matrix printer, Microsoft Research has just released a new coding app allowing Windows Phone 7 users to hack away directly on their phones. TouchStudio, which is now available as a beta version in the Zune marketplace, is “a fully functional development environment” according to Nikolai Tillmann who announced its availability on his blog.

At the moment though complete access to all of the phone’s functionality isn’t available from within the TouchStudio environment, but the developers have included several sample scripts showing off what it’s capable of in its current state, and have eluded that it will become considerably more capable in future versions of the app.

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