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LEVIT8 Is An Origami-style Stand That Elevates Your Laptop


Standing desks are expensive, but a lot of people see health benefits in doing at least part of their work on their feet. The LEVIT8 board folds into an elevated stand that’s just tall enough to bring your laptop to a comfortable height for working standing up. When you’re done using it, you can simply unfold it using a twist-and-fold technique, and it packs flat as a magazine, easily going into your laptop bag along with the computer. It is made of a single loop of 8 triangular panels which gives it its easily collapsible box-spiral folding mechanism. It’s water repellent and stain resistant, and can hold up to 20 times its own weight. Coming in three sizes to suit all your needs, the LEVIT8 will cost you a pledge of $32, in any size.


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Got The Kitty Keyboard Syndrome? Fix It With The Neko Pochi Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover


Cats are great most of the time, expect when they decide that your keyboard is the best place to take a nap. And of course, they take this decision only when you’re actually working, because what fun would it be otherwise? The Neko Pochi Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover tries to deal with this reality by providing you a clear plastic cover that can withstand cats up to 10kg (about 22 lbs), yet allows you to keep working even when your feline visitor is attempting to hijack your productivity. It covers most standard keyboards, and comes in clear, yellow, and blue colors. And even if you don’t have a cat, the cover can be useful for setting down your phone or tablet and keeping an eye on your notifications.

The only problem is the price: $74! It’s imported from Japan, granted, but at that price you might as well buy your cat some catnip and get him high every time you need to get something done. Or, you know… not be a pushover and just shoo him off.


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Must-Have Tech For Busy Mompreneurs


The following article is written by Sophie Davidson in collaboration with T-mobile. -Ed.

As a mom and a business owner, you probably feel like one of those circus jugglers who can keep 20 plates spinning in the air at once. Of course, if the circus performer loses a plate, the only consequence is some broken ceramic, but if you let one of your “plates” fall, you might miss an important deadline, forget to take your child to a checkup or overlook an important email.

In order to stay as organized as possible, “mompreneurs” can use a variety of technology that will support you in both your business and mom-related endeavors. Here are following four ideas:

A Sturdy Phone
To stay on top of all that you need to do, you need more than a tiny, delicate mobile phone with limited features. What will really help you to get through your busy days is a durable and technologically advanced phone. T-Mobile’s new HTC One M9 comes with all of the bells and whistles that you’ve come to expect from a mobile phone — with a durable twist. The phone’s no-gap, all-metal body not only looks amazing, it helps protect the phone from accidental drops. And, if your kids get a hold of it for a few rounds of “Angry Birds” once you are done with your conference call, T-Mobile’s cleverly named “Uh Oh Warranty” lets you replace your phone if your child accidentally breaks it. As a bonus, this premium care plan comes at no extra charge.

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Wrike Extension Turns Your Chrome Browser Into a To-do List


This article is brought to you by Wrike. -Ed.

If you’ve ever surfed a website and thought to yourself, “That’d be a cool feature to have on my blog,” or even, “This article should be required reading for my team,” and then wished there was an easier way to add it to your list of team to-dos — sit up and take note. Wrike has a set of project management tools that include a Google Chrome extension to connect your free or paid Wrike account to your browser. It gives you the ability to easily turn any webpage into a to-do; you can even quickly take a screenshot of the webpage and automatically attach it to the task for reference. When turning browser pages into tasks, the URL of the site is added to the task comments for your convenience. You can fill in any details about the to-do item (e.g. “Hey all, please take a look at this page for an example of a great website design.”) and add assignees, due dates, and select the folder in which to store the task. Suddenly, project management is as easy as clicking a browser extension.

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Tell Tale Push Pins Tell All At a Glance

Tell Tale Push Pins


Too much of something often turns it into something undesirable. Take notes and reminders, for instance. A few tacked onto the board might be useful to remember the stuff that you should, but tacking everything from to-do lists and press releases to inspirational photos and other random stuff takes that usefulness away.

If you’re having a hard time unpinning stuff, then an alternative are these Tell Tale Push Pins. They basically tell you what they’re holding onto the board even before you check it out, so you’ll have a clue what it is without having to check every single note.

Each set of 8 is priced at $9.

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Mobile AirDesk Brings The Comfort Of A Desktop To Laptop Users

Slate-Mobile-Airdesk There’s no point in going on about how great laptops are, but obviously the convenience comes at the cost of a few tradeoffs. Your legs can get hot and sweaty and if you want to use a mouse, you’re out of luck. Instead of forcing you to find a desk, the Mobile AirDesk brings it to you. Made from bamboo, this slab lets you have the best of both worlds:

The Slate is cut from a block of pure, premium bamboo. It’s ultra lightweight, super strong, and it will absorb the heat from your laptop. The curves, air ventilation, and docking station are chiseled, hand-sanded, and polished to mirror the feeling of glass. A super thick and heavy duty mouse pad is installed and sits flush against the surface of the slate.

There’s even a slot to slide your phone in. It’s a popular product, having gone over their funding goal almost twenty fold. If you want to get your hands on one, it’ll set you back $98.


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Standing Task Chair Places You Halfway Between Standing And Sitting


There’s a trend emerging where companies get standing desks (like the X-Table, instead of regular workstations where people just sit. The idea is that sitting for long periods is bad… but standing for a whole day also sounds like it would suck a lot. So the Standing Task Chair is attempting to bridge the gap. It keeps you upright, but includes supports for your knees as well as your posterior, which ends up placing you in an allegedly optimal position for extended work periods. The reasoning is that your weight is distributed between your feet, your knees and your butt, so no one body part ends up carrying you all by itself.

The STC has an adjustable seat, and comes in a metal or oak finish, and costs $499 and $599 respectively. It’s seeking funding on Kickstarter, but it’s quite far from its goal at the moment.


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Spacepod-like Capsules Are Just For Naps

It’s no secret that taking a nap can increase productivity. And although a nice 2 hour nap is often best (seeing as you can go through all stages of sleep), taking two hours off work to nap isn’t usually encouraged. But power naps are different, and even at 20 or 30 minutes, you can still feel refreshed. So a company decided to create a special pod made specifically to facilitate nap taking. Called CalmSpace and designed by one Marie-Virginie Berbet as a prototype for France Telecom, it is now a real product that forward thinking companies worldwide are free to purchase. It contains a bed and a set of orange lights that dim as you enter, and blue ones that slowly wake you up after a specified period of 10, 15 or 20 minutes. There are speakers to provide soothing sounds as well, which we assume coordinate with the lighting sequence.

No word on price.

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[CES 2012] Media:Scape Switch Makes Meetings More Productive, Leaves Hole In Bank Account

By David Ponce

Having meetings, I’m told, is kind of important. So I’m all for having them, but I’m also against a few vestiges from the old world, like paper. It just doesn’t make much sense to have a couple of people meeting and be passing sheets of paper to one another. Or turning your laptop around to show your point. Or even to unplug your laptop from the projector so the guy next to you can use it. It’s an archaic way of doing things and there is a better solution. The Media:Scape from Steelcase is a fancy KVM-type switch. The white box contains four AC plugs, and four cables that attach to laptops, iPhones, iPads, etc. Each cable features a touch sensitive pod (which they call a Puck) and the idea is that by touching your pod, you take control of the connected screen. This way the meeting can proceed smoothly with everyone being able to demonstrate on a common screen whatever it is they want. It’s quick, convenient and greatly improves workflow. But it’s not cheap.

The 4 plug version, which will be available in February, costs $6k to $7k. There is a larger 8 plug version that comes integrated into its own table, but that’s somewhere around $12k to $14k. But heym if your company has the cheddar, it’s definitely a cool way to conduct meetings.

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