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Keep Calm and Relax with the Calming Stone

Calming Stone

When things are out of control and the familiar feelings of panic and anxiety begin to well up, reach for your Calming Stone and tell yourself that things will pass. The stone was created by designer Ramon Telfer as an anxiety-relieving tool for those who experience panic attacks. The Calming Stone allows the user to make use of multiple techniques to keep his anxiety in check.

For one, the device releases cool air onto the user to encourage calmer breathing. Lavender capsules can be used as it’s a calming scent. The stone features an easy-to-use control panel and a built-in light so it can be used in the dark. It also has a wireless, in-ear headphone to guide the user through a series of meditations.Continue Reading

Kinetic Jump Rope Charges Your Phone While You Jump

Jump Rope Charger

Over the years, people have come up with all sorts of concepts and prototypes that can charge up your phone or mobile device without needing electricity. For example, take the onE Puck, which uses the heat from your cup of coffee to power up your device. Then there’s SolePower, which is a removable insole that generates energy in order to charge your phone, MP3 player, or tablet as you walk.

In the same category as these is the PULSE kinetic jump rope, which generated power for your device’s batteries with every jump that you make. It looks like a typical jump rope, except for the fact that its got a pair of dynamos built into the handles. These, in turn, are connected to a rechargeable battery, where the generated energy is stored.

PULSE is available in a limited beta test run at $129. Only 100 will be made available.

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Yo Mama Toilet Roll: Because Nobody Should Be Sad While They’re Doing Their Number Two’s

Yo Mama Toilet Roll

Normally I find ‘Yo Mama’ jokes a bit too crude for my taste, but I know a lot of people who love them and find them hilarious. People are finding more and more absurd things to print on toilet paper (like, I don’t know, origami directions and measuring tape). The latest one, however, is the Yo Mama Toilet Roll.

It’s offensive, it’s crude, but it’s also strangely appropriate for the bathroom. How many times have you gone there to bawl your eyes out over some guy (or girl) who dumped you? How many times have you taken a dump while you were sad or depressed about something? (Because, you know, sometimes you get some time to reflect on stuff while you’re on the loo.) Now picture yourself grabbing for some tissue to wipe your tears (or your dirty behind) and reading one of the Yo Mama jokes printed on them instead.

Ka-boom. Instant smile, instant chuckle. Temporary relief but a pretty effective one at that. This is probably toilet humor at its very best. Each roll of the Yo Mama tissues costs $4.91.

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Face-Upper Promises to Lift Your Sagging Cheeks for a Younger-Looking You

Face Upper

Japan is the country where all things quirky exist, like this strange-looking mouthpiece called the Face-Upper. It’s not a mouth guard, it’s not something that will make your teeth straighter, and it’s not part of some teeth-whitening system either. No, it’s actually a nifty little device that promises to give your sagging cheeks a much-need lift.

That’s right ladies (and the occasional gent), you can now give your face a lift without having to go under the knife. That’s according to the people behind the Face-Upper, that is. All you have to do is pop it into your mouth for three minutes a day and you’ll get a tighter mouth and tighter cheeks in no time.

Skeptical? Yeah, we are, too. The Face-Upper costs a whole lot less than plastic surgery (it’s only $66) and it won’t even hurt, too. But we’re just not sure that it’ll actually work.

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