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Prank Birthday Card Plays Song Forever


The Joker Birthday card is possibly the world’s greatest birthday card. Once opened, it will start singing Happy Birthday… and never stop! Well, “never” means until the batteries run out (about 3 hours) or until your friend tears it up. It’s. Brilliant!

The card is first delivered to you in a “safe mode”, which allows you to write your message without suffering the same fate. When it’s ready, just pull out a little tab to arm it. When your friend gets it, it’ll be primed for some great birthday fun. Here are some tips to get the most out of it:

• When you send your card, write something really special in it. The nicer the message the harder it will be for them to tear it up. If the kids send a card to grandma there’s no way she can tear that up.

• When you give your card at the party, be the first one. This way the card will not only drive your friend crazy as they open other presents, everyone else at the party who’s in on the joke can enjoy it too!

• Give the card to a friend staying at a hotel, preferably after dinner. This way when they open it they’ll have no escape when it’s still singing at 1am in the morning.

It’s pure evil genius, but of the harmless sort; these make the best kind of pranks. You can get yours for a $15 on their more than fully funded Kickstarter.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ Geekologie ]

The Crib Dribbler Feeds Your Kid So You Don’t Have To

Having a kid is serious business. They require not only attention, but nursing, feeding, cleaning, clothing… It’s a full time job! But it’s not wrong to take some time for yourself now and then. The Crib Dribbler above installs in a crib, and lets your child feed himself a high energy mixture that comes in powdered form, or any other liquid type of energy that you see fit for his consumption. Juice, stew, formula, you name it. Much like the feeders found in hamster cages, the Crib Dribbler can give you hours of freedom so you can live your own life for a little while.

Ok… Yeah, no, it’s not a real product. You were intrigued? Shame on you! The above is just a prank gift box that you can give someone you know. Enjoy watching their expression as they unwrap what they believe to be a real gift, only to discover an ignominious product inside. It’s funny, ok? Bring a camera and record them, then laugh until you get bored and move on. It’s $8.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Technabob ]

Check Out These Car Horns

By David Ponce

This is super old stuff but came across it recently. It’s a great way to get yourself some hate, let me tell you. See, if the most unusual car horn you ever heard was that annoying “La Cucaracha” that’s been around for 100 years, why not try a train horn? Warning: this is only for those wanting to scare the sh** out of friends, neighbors and loved ones! You can find smaller train horns for around $50 up to this bad daddy for around $400. Let’s face it, the only point of a horn is to express your road rage in a more constructive manner than punching someone in the face, and to make the guy in front of you as irritated as you are. This will do the trick. If you are not mechanically inclined, you would have to also pay a mechanic to install it for you, so add that to the total cost of getting your rocks off. Even if this isn’t for you, check out the video of the results of this gizmo. The fun starts at :38 and gives you a solid 3 minutes of laughter.

[ Train Horns ]

Your Kid’s Gonna Love You, Man: This Is Just The Laptop He Wanted!

By David Ponce

Then he’ll grow up and realize what a cheap bastard you were, and hate you forever (worth it!). Seems like a great kind of prank to play on some child to us. See, the iWood Laptop is nothing more than a chalkboard shaped into what looks like a portable computer: two pieces of plywood, a couple hinges and some machining, and presto! The area that would normally have a trackpad is recessed and holds… the chalk, of course.

It’s $55.

[ Some German Product Page ] VIA [ Gadget Review ]