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Baladeo Folding Cutlery Set Makes Fine Dining on the Go Possible

Baladeo Folding Cutlery Set

Going on a camping trip? Planning to travel soon? Then you need to get yourself one of these Baladeo Folding Cutlery Sets. It’s like having a complete set of utensils all in one neat, little package.

The Baladeo Set resembles a Swiss Knife when it’s all folded up. But unfold and disassemble the entire thing and you’ll find that you’ve got a spork, a knife, a can opener, and a bottle opener. It’s compact and lightweight, weighing in at only 52 grams, and made from stainless steel. Just because you might be roughing it up outdoors doesn’t mean you have to eat with your bare hands. And it would be pretty useful to have this around especially if you’re going to chowing on a can of pork of beans for dinner, right?

The Baladeo Folding Cutlery Set is available from Moontrail for $49.

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So Now There’s A 3D Printer In A Briefcase

It seems like not a week goes by without some mention of 3D printers somewhere. This time around, MIT students Ilan Moyer and Nadya Peek have developed Popfab, a 3D printer in a briefcase.

PopFab is a multi-tool for the 21st century. At its heart is a computer-controlled motion platform and a means of attaching various toolheads. These enable PopFab to make objects from a digital plan in a variety of ways: current capabilities include 3D printing, milling, vinyl cutting, and drawing — with more on the way. PopFab has traveled the world as a carry-on item of luggage to Saudi Arabia and Germany, and within the USA to Aspen in Colorado. We hope that this is only the beginning.

There doesn’t seem to be any definite plans for commercialization but as a proof of concept, it’s pretty nifty. For a video of Popfab in action, hit the jump.

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The VitalGrill Is A Green, Turbocharged, Portable BBQ

When you start a fire, it’s well known that fanning or blowing on the flame will make it stronger. It’s the principle behind turbos as well: more oxygen means a stronger, hotter fire. The VitalGrill uses this to its advantage to reach an output of 20,000 BTU without gas or accelerants of any sort. It’s a portable stove and BBQ with an integrated battery-powered fan. It accepts any dry biological material at hand as a source of fuel: pieces of wood, paper, cardboard, twigs, straw, natural fibers, charcoal and combustible waste. Put them in the stove, and start up the fan and in three minutes it will reach its maximum temperature. The flame is too hot? Just dial down the fan.

The BBQ is easily portable, weighing in at 8 lbs and measuring 13 inches across. It’s too small for your Sunday tailgate parties, but will do nicely for one of those camping expeditions where you’ll be catching some fish or whatever and feel like cooking it on the spot. The stove sells separately (if you want to put pots on it, fox example) for $80, and the BBQ with stove are $150.

Hit the jump for links and a video of the VitalGrill in action.

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Grower’s Cup Coffee Takes Brewing To Its Bare Minimum

By David Ponce

There’s a branch of coffee purists who swear that using a machine to brew your coffee is an abomination. Or at the very least, the people behind The Coffeebrewer think so. It’s a specially designed, PE-coated paper bag that contains 25g of fine ground coffee, as well as a specially positioned filter. You’re supposed to open the bag from the top, pour in 0.5L of boiling water, let stand for 5-8 minutes and pour your fresh coffee out through the side opening. The filter will keep all the grounds inside; it’s almost like a portable french press. We say almost because once you’ve poured half the bag, the remaining coffee will not even touch the grounds inside, preventing the coffee from going bitter over time as it does with a french press. This is a great idea anytime, but especially when camping or in other situations where carrying even the most basic coffee making apparatuses would be inconvenient. We’re not sure what the price is, though if you’re in Europe you can actually buy some in specialty stores and some supermarkets.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gear Patrol ]

This Rifle Fits Inside Its Own Stock, Is Waterproof

By David Ponce

You never know when you’re going to be on a burning plane, careening down towards an alligator infested lake. It’s just one of those things. Provided you survive the crash and are given enough time to get your bearings however, having the above Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 rifle in your backpack could help you wade your way through the gators and to some kind of safety. At just (just 3.5 lbs) and 16 ½” long when stowed, you’ll barely even know it’s there. Several layers of Teflon coating help with the waterproofing, even in harsh saltwater environments. It uses .22 LR ammunition, which is lightweight and fairly easy to carry in large numbers. It’s available in camo or black finishes and surprisingly doesn’t cost very much: $339 in camo and $275 in black.

[ Product Page ]

Handpresso Auto Lets You Brew Some Espresso On The Road

By David Ponce

You ever wanted to make an espresso in your car? No? Well, now you can anyway. For $200, the Handpresso Auto will gladly connect to your vehicle’s 12V cigarette lighter socket and make a cup of your finest. You just add the water, place an espresso pod and start it up. You then hold the thing over a cup (which, of course, you happen to have in your car) and it’ll pour what the company calls “premium quality espresso.” The device generates 16bar of pressure, which should be sufficient for a decent pull. We don’t know how stable the temperature would be however, so no one is expecting this to compete with its full-sized kitchen counterpart. It has a cycle time of 2 minutes, so you could conceivably make up to 30 espressos an hour; fast enough to turn your car into a mobile cafe… if you’re the enterprising kind.

It’s $200.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Geekosystem ]

SupaBoy Crams A SNES Into Your Hands

By David Ponce

So this took about 20 years too long, but here’s a portable Super NES. Yeah, as in the entire system in your hands. The SupaBoy can use any of your own SNES cartridges and even Japanese Super Famicon. Enjoy portable gaming the way you wished the Gameboy could have been, in full color on a 3.5 inch display. There’s even a TV out socket and two slots for classic controllers, in case you want to travel back in time a couple decades. The battery should be good for a disappointing 2.5 hours and if your friends start getting annoyed at the Super Mario Bros. music, there’s a headphone jack. Although quite frankly, if you have friends like that, you need to upgrade…

It’s $80.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Joystiq ]

A Snugli Baby Carrier For Your Laptop?

By Jonathan Kimak

Like the majority of laptop owners, I want to be able to use my laptop absolutely everywhere I go. However, I’m not so sure I want to be able to use it while walking down the road blissfully unaware of that approaching pick-up truck headed right for me. But what do I know.

The people at Think Geek have created the Connect-A-Desk Laptop Holder that they sell for $40. It includes a laptop harness and a “desk” which is essentially a board fitted to the harness that allows you to stand and type with both hands instead of doing the awkward one hand holding the laptop and the other hand pecking away at the keys.

For the standing part the laptop desk looks OK and could be useful when you are in standing room only situations and need to take notes or see the latest videos from this year’s E3. But when the site suggests that you can walk around and type with this it makes me cringe at the catastrophes bound to happen. It’s already easy enough to get distracted with little cell phones, PDAs and mp3 players. A full sized laptop with DVD movies and games could have you successfully save your character by jumping over a dark chasm, while you fall down a real chasm.

Caveat Geektor.

[ Think Geek ] VIA [ TechEBlog ]