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Scosche Juices Up Your Gadgets With Solar Power


By Chris Scott Barr

Everyone that owns an iPhone is looking for a way to make their battery stretch a little bit longer. Sure, my 3GS lasts longer than the previous models, but after a long day of solid use I still find myself doing anything I can to conserve what little battery life it has left. There are a lot of solutions out there, but one can never have too many choices. Scosche has a new one that’ll recharge your iPhone twice over.

The solBAT II is a backup battery that can be charged either via USB or using solar power. It features both a suction mount for soaking up solar rays through a window and a carabineer mount if you want to attach it to a backpack. The battery has a 1500mA capacity and a 5V output, so it’ll charge your phone at the same rate as a standard wall outlet (or your PC).

If you’re constantly running low on battery life for your iPhone (or any other device that charges via USB) and you’re into the “green” scene, then this is worth checking out. It’s only going to set you back $29.99 and is on sale now.

[ Scosche ]

Energizer USB Clip Charges DSLR Batteries


By Evan Ackerman

I’ve got portable chargers for my cell phone, portable chargers for my iPod, portable chargers for my little video recorder, portable chargers for my AA batteries… The only thing I don’t have a portable charger for (besides my laptop) is my DSLR, because it takes those annoyingly square 7.4 volt battery packs that require their own special charger. Energizer is about to solve this problem with a little clip that has teeth to attach to the contacts of battery packs of any size. The other end can be plugged into a USB port, and if I may say, props to Energizer for not making it some kind of proprietary plug.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that you can’t charge a 7.4 volt DSLR battery out of a 5 volt USB port, which means that you’ll have to instead use one of Energizer’s new line of XPAL universal power packs (out next month) that come with 8.4 volt outputs. Nothing wrong with that, though… The battery packs looks pretty useful, and some of them even come with solar chargers. We should be seeing a review unit sometime in the near future, and we’ll keep you updated.

[ Energizer XPAL Power ] VIA [ Gearlog ]

Ridgeline W200 Wrist Computer


By Evan Ackerman

Was the Zypad WR110 not quite feminine enough for your cyclopean curves and purple hair? Here’s a wrist computer that could enhance both your productivity and your mojo. The Ridgeline W200 from Glacier Computer is a wrist wearable computer does the trick, with sleek arm-hugging curves and a magnesium alloy case that’s a comfortable 10 ounces.

Now, I have to say, this thing looks an awful lot like the the Zypad WL1000 from back in 2006. Like, an awful lot. But at least it’s got mostly up to date specs, with a 3.5″ color touchscreen, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and various wired interfaces, running either Linux or Windows CE. As you might expect from its sporty and rugged form factor, the W200 is designed for people who want to get lost in the middle of nowhere without actually getting lost in the middle of nowhere. The batteries are hot swappable so that you’ll never lose your position, and the computer uses tilt sensors to tell if you’re actually looking at it, and if not, it powers down to idle.

I could see myself using one of these, for sure. Not because it’s in any way practical or anything… No, just so that people can see me using it and say, “wow, that guy has a wrist computer, he must be awesome.”

Price not yet set.

[ Glacier Computer ]
[ Press Release ]

Pomera DM10 Takes Notes, Does Nothing Else

By Evan Ackerman

The Pomera Digital Memo DM10 is one of those gadgets that is absolutely perfect for a very few people with very specific needs. You may be one of these people if you take a lot (like, seriously, a lot) of typed notes but can’t come up with a reason why you’d be better off with a netbook that can take typed notes and do a whole bunch of other stuff. I guess it could be that a netbook doesn’t have a full size folding keyboard like the DM10. A netbook doesn’t have a 20 hour battery life (on 2 AAs!) or 2 second startup time. And a netbook is going to be significantly larger and heavier, if only in a relative sense. But still… Is it really worth it to pay $270 for a monotasker like the DM10 when you could get a “real” computer like the Asus EEE for a mere $30 more? Personally, I’d say no, but that’s just because if I can’t get to the internet on it, it’s officially useless to me.

The Pomera Digital Memo DM10 will be available in Japan around November 10.

[ Impress (Translated) ] VIA [ Engadget ]

Take Your iMac Anywhere In This Indestructible iMcruzer Case

By Luke Anderson

Later this month I’m going to do something that I haven’t done in a good five years. I’m going to buy a Mac. My last Mac and I were torn from each other quite some time ago, and I’ve been using PCs ever since. I’ve saved up my hard-earned cash and I’ll be picking up a shiny new iMac towards the end of the month. As a hardcore geek I’ve pondered the idea of taking it with me on various occasions, as there’s really not much to it. The only problem is that I haven’t seen a decent solution for safely transporting an iMac. That is until I saw the iMcruzer from Pelican.

This case is one of the toughest-looking that I’ve ever seen, and for good reason. If I’m going to drop that much money on a 24-inch iMac, I’m going to want it kept safe and sound. The case is touted as indestructible, and will hold even the largest iMac with keyboard and mouse. It has plenty of foam padding to prevent shock damage and is both watertight and airtight.

While it’s tempting to think that I could take my (soon-to-be) beloved iMac anywhere I go, the bulk of this is something of a turnoff. That’s really no fault of Pelican’s, as the iMac itself is quite large. You’re also going to have to pony up $495, which is a bit tough to swallow after paying the hefty price for the computer.

[ Pelican ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

Make A Hot Meal Right In Your Car

Sandwich maker

By Luke Anderson

I do my fair share of traveling, which means lots of time in my car. If I’m driving across several states, I’ll pack some food to supplement my stops in order to cut down on my expenses. I usually go the route of lunch meat and pretzels, as it’s cheap and I can live off that stuff forever. I’ve honestly never considered actually preparing a hot sandwich while driving. If I were so inclined I could now do so, thanks to the Road Pro 12 Volt Sandwich Maker.

The Sandwich Maker reminds me of a small Gorge Foreman Grill (only without the promises of a healthy less-fattening meal) which simply hooks into the cigarette lighter of your car. I suppose it would be kind of nice to pull over and make something warm, rather than cold lunch meat. The price is right on this one, at $19.50 you can’t go wrong.

[ SkingCompany ] VIA [ Crave ]

Simple Pen Locates Wireless Access Points Up To 30 Meters Away

WiFi Pen

By Luke Anderson

After the movie Goldeneye (and the game of course) came out, James Bond was my hero. I always wanted to have some cool spy gadget that looked like something rather ordinary. I thought it was so cool when I finally got a pen that was also a laser pointer, even if it was quite obvious to the casual observer. Since then I’ve seen a whole slew of pens with more functions than you can shake a silenced PP7 at. Here’s one that you’ll like if you’re even trying to track down an open wireless signal.

The pen features 4 LEDs that will show you the strength of a wireless signal that is up to 30 meters away. It is powered by two button cell batteries and activated b a small button positioned just below the LEDs. It might not be the coolest spy gadget for your arsenal, but at $8, you can’t really go wrong.

[ ChinaVasion ] VIA [ Crave ]

Belkin Takes A New Approach To Laptop Security

Belkin USB Alarm

By Luke Anderson

I’m highly protective of my laptop, as it’s my portal to the rest of the digital world when I’m away from home. Rarely does it leave my sight, unless it’s locked away securely somewhere. However, some people will use their notebooks in a more public place such as a cafe, and leave it for short periods where it could be easily taken. That’s why Belkin created this USB Laptop Security Alarm.

Rather than locking the laptop down to a table or desk, this alarm is able to be secured to a sturdy object, and is plugged into an available USB port. If it is unplugged without the key being inserted, it will sound a rather loud alarm. This would stop just about any thief in their tracks. Peace of mind is yours for just $25.

[Belkin] VIA [EverythingUSB]

Duracell Powerpack 100 Recharges Your Gadgets On The Go

duracell powerpack 100

By David Ponce

Running out of juice sucks (I don’t mean orange juice). Sure, we can come up with tons of features that do an endless stream of “stuff” with our gadgets, but when the power runs out, you’re done. That’s why we’re digging Duracell’s awesome Mobile 100 portable power source. It features a standard North-American power outlet, as well as two USB ports. It can recharge pretty much any of your gadgets, simultaneously, giving you different levels of extra play-time:

Laptop: 2 hours of runtime
Cellphone: 18 hours talk time
Blackberry: 9 hours operating time
Portable game console: 8 hours of play time
MP3 player: 96 hours of play time

Given that different gadgets will suck power at different rates, we’re not altogether sure what kind of hat these numbers were pulled out of. Still, whatever extra time you get will no doubt be appreciated.

Expect to pay around $140 at various retailers.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Xataka ]