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Inception Totem


Inception was a heck of a movie. Remember the totem? Yeah…

Want your own?


Incidentally, here’s a pretty convincing explanation of whether or not Cobb was still dreaming in the last scene.

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Cabbage Patch Kids Knitted Hats


If you grew up in the 80’s and now have kids, you have to do yourself a favour and get one of these. Knitted by one ‘TheLilliePad’ on Etsy, they’ll set you back between $32 and $38. Alternatively, you could buy the pattern for all of $6. Take into consideration that due to increased demand, you may end up waiting a while for them, during which you may as well take up some crocheting lessons…

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DIY: Indiana Jones Monkey Brain Cake


There are very few scenes as memorable as that one where they eat monkey brain in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Well… maybe also the scene where that girl sticks her arm in a hole full of bugs. Or maybe these scenes resonate with this generation because we watched the movie when young and impressionable. Whatever the case, you too can eat brains off a monkey, if only in cake form (you can do it for real too, we suppose, but that’s just, like, gross, man…). There’s a lot of work involved in the making, but there’s a link to a pretty detailed Instructables at the bottom. Halloween is just around the corner, you know…

[ Project Page ] VIA [ Neatorama ]

Minions… Minions Everywhere


Despicable Me 2 was alright. Laughs were had occasionally, but if it hadn’t been for the minions, it would have been a miss. Minions are awesome. So here you go, have at it: minions as characters from a truckload of other media franchises. Hit the jump to see all of them.

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What Happens In Game Of Thrones


Yeah… sounds about right.

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What Would Link Look Like If He Sailed Through Pop Culture?

South Park

Link is probably as enduring a gaming character as Mario, seeing as he’s been around since 1986, and seems to still be going strong. Heck, some would argue he’s more recognizable and significant than Mario, but that’s a nerd war for someone else to fight. The point is that it makes perfect sense for someone to re-imagine just what Link would look like if instead of being the most famous Hylian, he was a character in any number of pop culture franchises. Above, you have him as he would have looked like in South Park. Hit the jump for a bunch of others.

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Cannot Unsee: What The CBS Logo Has Been, All This Time


[ Nikkolas Smith ] VIA [ Buzzfeed ]

Bathing Bad Bath Salts

bathing bad bath salts

That seems like a combination made in Hell. Bath salts are all the rage amongst the drug-consuming, face-eating scum of the Earth. Perhaps even more exciting is the fact that Breaking Bad is only three months away from returning to the tube, so it only makes sense to combine the excitement of one with the… allure of the other in a product that Walter White would surely approve of. Bathing Bad Bath Salts are “a blend of coarse and jumbo ancient salts and organic essential oils, which create a relaxing and rejuvenating bath time experience.” And if truly made in Albuquerque, New Mexico (as the label seems to indicate), we would be impressed enough to keep these around as a prop, and just not use them to even bathe in.

It’s £15 or roughly $23.

[ Product Page ]

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane… It’s An RC Plane Dressed Up As Superman

Please forgive that terrible headline, but come on, what else could we have used? It’s not like there are lots of informative things to say about this: it really is just a short video of a guy piloting an RC plane dressed up like Superman. It’s pretty freaking cool, if a little surreal. All we know is that it was recorded “by cyclist Kyle Gough during a recent ride along the U.S. West coast.”

And without further adieu, kindly check out the video, below.

VIA [ DVice ]