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It’s Crap-tastic!: ‘Developing Your Decor’ Photo Toilet Tissue

Developing Your Decor Toilet Paper

Here’s the perfect pair to the that Polaroid-inspired toilet paper holder that was so popular among fans of instant photography: the Developing Your Decor Photo Toilet Tissue paper. Each square has a vintage-looking image printed on it–kind of like the pictures you get from a Polaroid or an Instax. You probably wouldn’t use this to wipe your bottom because it might seem like such a waste, but hey, you only live once and who else can say they’ve wiped their bottoms with such a classic roll?

Pair it with the Polaroid Toilet Paper Holder for some instant awesomeness.

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Polaroid Cheese Slicer Gives You Instant Cheese Slices

Polaroid Cheese Slicer

Say cheese! You can’t take pictures with the Polaroid Cheese Slicer (obviously!) but you will be able to slice cheese quickly and easily by just moving it back and forth on a block of cheese. The result? Instant cheese slices minus the mess, the knives, and the hassle. The cheese slices are perfect for sandwiches and burgers, and you can slice them further–with a knife, this time–into sticks to use for toppings or for cheese sticks. Yum!

The fact that it looks like a vintage Polaroid is an added bonus.

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Polaroid Toilet Paper Holder: Say Cheese and Wipe!

Polaroid Tissue Holder

Bringing a Polaroid in the toilet while doing a number two sounds like a pretty icky thing to do. You can just imagine the hashtags you can use for the resulting images: #instaphoto #selfie #numbertwo #selfiepotty.

That’s not a real camera in the image above, even though it might look like it at first glance. It’s actually a Polaroid-inspired toilet paper cover called Polaroll. With it, you can fool people and just spruce up your bathroom in general with a bit of unusual, vintage decor. Tissue can be pulled out from the slot where the pictures normally come out for some instant relief.

Polaroll is available for purchase online for $28.

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Polaroid Releases Z340 Instant Digital Camera

By David Ponce

Polaroid pictures have become somewhat of a relic, a nice reminder of simpler times when cameras had films and being able to hold your shot instantly was the pinnacle of technology. And while film has gone the way of the dodo, being able to hold on to a printed piece of paper immediately after taking a picture still can have some value. At least for those of us old enough to appreciate that value. Polaroid’s gone ahead and made the Z340 in the hopes you’ll agree. Combining ink free printing technology ZINK, the Z340 looks a lot like Lady Gaga’s yet-to-be-released GL30 but is available right now. 14 megapixels, it’s able to print 25 4″ X 3″ pictures in one battery charge.

It’s not the first time Polaroid tries its hand at this; let’s remember the Polaroid PoGo. The Z340 looks more like the cameras of old and the pictures it prints are somewhat bigger than the PoGo. For $300, you too can re-live a digitally remastered remake of your youth.

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Polaroid Brings Back Instant Photos, No One Really Knows Why


By Chris Scott Barr

It was a little disheartening to see the old Polaroid instant film taken out of production. It marked the end of an era and showed that digital photography was really where everyone was going. However, the company has for some strange reason decided to bring it all back with the Polaroid 300. Why? Well we aren’t exactly sure.

This $90 camera isn’t the most cost-effective, as you can pick up a cheap digital for that price. Lets pretend that you’re feeling nostalgic, which makes it hard to put a price on anything. So you’ve got your new camera, time to grab some film. Now you’ll be paying $10 for a 10-pack of the stuff. That’s $1 for each crappy photo that you take. Is there really a market for this?

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Polaroid Brings Back The Instant Camera


By Chris Scott Barr

Most of you probably still remember what a Polaroid camera was, but I suspect that many of today’s tweens and even teens probably don’t. With the rise of the digital camera, Polaroids quickly faded into nonexistence. Strangely enough there actually hasn’t been anything that really takes its place, at least when producing near-instant pictures from the camera itself. Sure, you can buy a portable printer for peanuts these days, but it still isn’t quite the same. Well guess what folks, the Polaroid instant camera  is back, and updated for the digital age.

It seems only fitting that Polaroid be the company that rolls out a digital camera that can print instant pictures. The new Polaroid PoGo combines the best of the new and old. On one hand, it’s a regular digital camera with all of the usual benefits like an LCD screen and the ability to perform quick edits. Once you’re happy with the shot, just press a button and in 40 seconds you have yourself a 2”x3” picture to hand off to someone. The special paper is called Zink (short for Zero Ink) and is touted as “smudge-proof, water-resistant, fade-resistant and tear-proof.” You can pick up the camera for around $200, while the Zink paper can be bought in packs of 30 for $13.

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Polaroid Is Making A Comeback With A Digital Version Of The Old Classic

By Jonathan Kimak

I loved the old Polaroid cameras. A picture that would appear and develop in a minute in your hands instead of 7 days later at a photo lab seemed like an absolute miracle of technology back when I was a kid. Of course the emergence of cheap yet high-quality digital cameras destroyed Polaroid and forced them to stop selling the instant film cameras back in February of this year.

Now Polaroid has announced that they will be bringing back instant film, and this time it will add the instant printing magic to digital cameras. The pictures will be 4×3 rectangle size, which is the size most associated with the old Polaroid cameras.

It will still be a rough market for Polaroid to compete in, even with millions of nostalgic fans. It’s already pretty easy to print out pictures from almost anywhere; most grocery stores, pharmacies and Wal-Marts have instant print kiosks for pennies per print. Still, it’s nice to see Polaroid trying, even if they are years behind the times.

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