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Turn The Apple Watch Into A Pocket Watch


Does anyone care about the Apple Watch? No? Well, maybe if you dropped a whole bunch of cash on one and now you’re stuck with it, you might want to make the most of it, no? To that end, the Pendulum Collection offers a series of accessories meant to turn your fancy wrist-worn high tech device into a pocket watch. There’s something nostalgic about the classic pocket watch aesthetic, and this particular collection seems to mix an old school mentality with a modern creative flair that could make some of you love your Apple Watch again. Right? Because admit it, you’re growing bored, aren’t you? Prices start at $100.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

Steampunk Iron Man Reactor Pocket Watch: Can’t Tell the Time, But It Keeps On Ticking

Steampunk Iron Man Reactor Watch

What can you do with a pocket watch, except bring it out when you want to know what time it is? Why, take its insides out and create one of the awesomest steampunked versions of Iron Man’s arc reactor! That’s what Adi Simion did and it looks out he succeeded in creating a piece that Tony Stark himself would be proud to own.

You won’t be able to read the time off of the pocket watch anymore, since its face has been taken out to make room for Iron Man’s reactor, but who needs a watch when you can have Iron Man’s source of power, right in your very own pocket?

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