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Facebank is a Creepy Coin Bank That Eats Your Spare Change

Face Bank



The Face Bank is one of the creepiest coin banks we’ve recently come across. It’s one of those electronic coin banks that don’t accept your deposits passively. You might remember those dog coin banks where an adorable canine hides in a box and reaches out to grab your coin when you put in on the slot.

Well, instead of reaching over or nudging the coin into it, the Face Bank gobbles it up instead. Just put the coin close to its mouth and watch it eat your spare change right up. It probably wasn’t made to look creepy, but it does.

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Hadu-Coins: Street Fighter Ryu Money Box

Street Fighter Ryu Money Box



Collect spare change and make a pledge to save at least a dollar a day the fun way with the Street Fighter Ryu Money Box. It’s basically the coolest piggy bank–or is that Ryu-bank?–that features a pixelated Ryu from Street Fighter doing what he does best. Ryu’s actually in mid-Haduken but I’m sure he won’t mind if you interrupt him to put a few quarters in.

The Ryu money box is 11 centimeters tall and it would definitely look awesome on your bedside table or wherever you decide to put it. It’s available from Fancy for $16.

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Billosaur: The Pre-Historic Piggy Bank for Your Paper Money


A penny a day might save you a hundred dollars someday, but bills will get you to a thousand faster. Unfortunately, most piggy banks aren’t built to handle bills with their short, slim slots. Recognizing that people’s saving habits are changing, B.B. Billosaur eventually came to be. It’s a pre-historic piggy bank of sorts that accepts your bills without the usual muss and fuss of having to fold them up and push them so hard into the usual slot.

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